From the ballpark

April 03, 2008 |

Daniel looks like he has started to settle down a little bit. Dave Trembley said before the game that Daniel has a tendency to settle down later in the game, the issue is the damage he causes in the first couple.
          On the Orioles scoreboard between innings, they do a this or that contest where players have to pick between the two options. Tonight the option was Beastie Boys or Beach Boys. It was tied at six a piece with Adam Jones on the screen. After a long stare at the camera Adam said “neither”. The Beach Boys ended up winning with votes for the likes of Jamie Walker, Nick Markakis, and Ramon Hernandez
          Aubrey Huff just got booed again
          The scoreboard here will drive you crazy. There are times when the count on the hitter will just change without a pitch being thrown, then will go to all zeros when a pitch is thrown. Right now we are in the fifth inning and the scoreboard says it is the third and the O’s are winning 2 – 0.
          For some reason the Rays uniforms remind me of a minor league team. I will say though that they have one of the coolest mascots in baseball. Here are some videos of him in action, including schooling the Orioles bird.
          Well looks like Bob Haynie has given Daniel Cabrera the kiss of death with his 11 wins prediction. He just got pulled from the game and basically booed off of the field by the 1200 fans here