From the ballpark

April 02, 2008 |

Daniel Cabrera will take the mound tonight for the O’s looking to improve on his bad ‘07 season where he finished 9-18. Daniel has never lost to the artist formerly known as the Devil Rays (6-0 in his career).Manager Dave Trembely had some interesting comments about Daniel that you can listen to in the Toyotaliveweb audio vault to your right. One interesting thing that the manager kept going back to was that Daniel has to slow the game down in his mind.
Opposing Daniel is Matt Garza who the Rays acquired from the Twins for Delmon Young and others this offseason. Garza is thought to be a solid young pitcher the Rays can build around. Garza won his first major league game here in Aug 23 2006 when he was a member of the Twins. He is 3- 0 life time against the Orioles.
Here are some other pre game thoughts from the ballpark:
          Trembley said that Matt Albers would be available to pitch tonight if he needed to, and added that he would like to get George Sherill and Jamie Walker in a game before to long.
          Trembley was asked about the interference call on Mora on Monday’s game. Trembley said the biggest issue was that the pitch was a ball, but did admit that Melvin should have waited for the ump to call before leaving the batters box
          Brandon Fahey, Luis Hernandezm Adam Jones, and Guillermo Quiroz, all took early fielding practice today.
          Manger Dave Trembley said that his off day was spent shopping, moving, and watching baseball all night. He added that he ordered the MLB package so he can watch all the games. (You to can order the MLB package by calling 1-800- Comcast. You will be able to watch the first week of the season for free.)
          Several of the players spoke about the fact of being able to get into a routine today with the Opening Day festivities behind them.