From the frozen grass at Camden Yards

April 02, 2008 |

Ok so it is cold and 1200 of my closest friends have joined me here at the ballpark to watch the O’s and Rays.
          Pat Sajak threw out the first pitch, he had on the whitest shoes I may have ever seen in my life
          Aubrey Huff is still getting booed, even by the 1200 people that are here
          Different year, same Daniel Cabrera, he has zero ability to hold runners on the base. Carl Crawford ran to the mound from first base and tapped Cabrera on the shoulder before going to second. In two innings he has allowed one walk and two stolen bases.
          I think having the manager on tv talking to the broadcast crew while the game is going on is a bad idea. If you want to do two minutes between innings than so be it
          Cabrera has just walked another guy. I say the over under is four… I will take the over