From the pressbox

March 31, 2008 |

Some notes from here inside the ballpark:
-I am pretty sure Aubrey Huff realized today that Baltimore fans are not over his comments on the radio during the off season. He has been booed very loudly every time his name has been mentioned today.
          I thought my favorite Orioles Kevin Millar had taken Shields deep in the first inning. Some of us in the media do a thing where we guess a homerun before the batter takes his first swing. The only catch is that you only get three a game, I have made the first call of the season and it almost paid off. Of course I got some laughter when I made the call, but as the ball looked to be headed out of here, those laughs turned into blank looks.
          Orioles made another roster move today when they signed Alex Cintron to a minor league deal. Alex will provide some depth at the short stop position for Dave Trembley
          Adam Jones was given a very warm welcome by the Orioles faithful as he was introduced today.
          Kevin Millar did a mix of Ray Lewis dance/Michael Jackson moon walk while being introduced today
          In case you missed it in Nestor’s blog, John Harbaugh will be throwing out the first pitch of the Orioles- Yankees series.
          Calvin Hill of the Dallas Cowboys was here in the press box today. Calvin is from Baltimore and was enjoying the first game of the season.
          I have to admit, I half way like the new Rays uniforms look
          The new HD screens in the ballpark really add something to the game