Give Me Sweet Lou Piniella

June 15, 2010 | John West

Everybody with a keyboard or a telephone has an opinion about this Orioles team and the Oriole franchise.  The obvious answer is to get better players and treat the fans better.  However, today we will talk about the manager, more specifically the future manager.

Bobby Valentine was interviewed and said this, “”It’s a big challenge.” Valentine said, “I like big challenges, but I like to have some reward too, and the reward is in the standings and their standings don’t look like they’re going to turn around very quickly.”  Give me a second, I can’t stop laughing (when I don’t laugh, I cry).  I am just imagining the Oriole brain trust laying out their “PLAN” and expecting Bobby to agree with them that it’s the right plan, just like everybody else WITHIN the organization.  And Bobby says “Are you guys crazy, that’s a plan to make money and come in last place.”

We all know that’s the plan, but the Orioles think it’s a plan to make money AND be competitive.  Moving on..

The Orioles need Lou Piniella.  He will probably be fired at the end of the season by the Cubs.  He recently got into a war of words with Chicago White Sox announcer Steve Stone.  Stone was being critical of how Lou was managing his 5 outfielders and playing time for the rookie Tyler Colvin.  Lou responded with these gems:

“I think they should try to put the uniform on and try this job.”

“You get tired of it.  I’m trying to do the best job I possibly can and the only people I need to listen to are the people in my organization.”

“I’ve won more than 1,800 games as a manager and I’m not a damn dummy, that I can tell you.”

The Orioles need to give this man the manager job, let him hire his entire coaching staff, and give him a uniform that’s about 2 sizes too small, just so he’s a little uncomfortable everyday.

This team NEEDS somebody in the manager position who will pull Julio Lugo immediately when he doesn’t run out a ground ball.

This team NEEDS somebody in the manager position who will pull Luke Scott when he walks his way into a triple and out of an inside the park home run

This team NEEDS somebody in the manager position who will sit Adam Jones when he is told to play a little deeper in center field and Adam says, “No.”

I don’t think Lou Piniella has any DNA to suffer fools.  NONE.  He appears to expect the most out of his players and will call them out if he doesn’t get it.  My God, this entire Organization needs that.

Please, hire Lou Piniella as the next Oriole manager.

2 other comments:

  1. The Arizona Diamondbacks (.271), Milwaukee Brewers (.270) and Cincinnati Reds (.263) also all have higher cumulative slugging percentages from their PITCHING STAFFS than the Orioles are getting from FIRST BASE!
  2. 1988 Orioles were 16-46.  2010 Orioles are 17-47.