Good Luck, Buck!

August 02, 2010 | John West

So, Buck Showalter is the new Oriole manager.  His first game will be August 3rd, 2010 against the Angels.  I feel sorry for this guy.

He has no idea what he has gotten himself into.  NONE!!!!!!!

We have a General Manager who is allergic to spending money.  We have an owner who is considered one of the worst owners in all of sports.  The fan base has transitioned from supportive, to angry to apathetic.  And apathy is the worst thing a fan base can be.  The only people who are supportive and excited about the Orioles are people who are somehow getting paid by Angelos.  Yep, this all sounds like something a well respected manager would want to get involved with…

Is this really Showalter with the classic coaches’ ego of “I can fix it”, “Let me at this challenge, and through my hard work and determination, I can fix it”.  Is this that?  As of today, that’s my guess.  Oh, and the money.  I don’t begrudge him taking the money.  It’s just that as of today, he has no idea what he’s gonna have to personally pay to earn that paycheck.  People have said for years something like “I would let Mike Tyson hit me in the face for $1 million dollars”  Well, I might do that, but I don’t think I would manage the Orioles for any price.  It isn’t worth it.

So, they traded Miggy.  The Josh Bell era has started.  That will last until the Anthony Rendon era begins in 2 years.

We got an AA RHP by the name of Wynn Pelzer.  There is a 2 minute YouTube video of him pitching that is making the rounds.  He looks like he is an AA pitcher with some natural talent.  He was rated as the Padres 7th rated prospect.  That immediately puts him in our top 10 prospect list, which makes this a great trade.  Anything to add talent to our top 10 prospect list is a great move.

On July 29th 1988, the Baltimore Orioles were 32-69

On July 29th 2010, the Baltimore Orioles  are  32-70