Good news about the Orioles!

March 03, 2009 | Nestor Aparicio

A friend of mine sent along a note about an “out of town” friend who had a good experience with the Orioles.

Here it is…from Kristie from Nebraska, who I’m sure has never heard of me, but her annoying friend has been pestering me about this kind act from the Orioles and accusing me of “covering up” their good deeds. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need more “good deeds” from the Orioles.

“Hello there! Please bear with me! I am a friend of a friend. Within the last year and a half, my 9yr. old daughter was diagnosed with a debilitating disease leaving her suffering with chronic pain on a daily basis. Making it difficult to enjoy life. For this reason, we sought help in Baltimore at John’s Hopkin’s with the encouragement of our neurologist there.  Needless to say we spent several months in Baltimore, and what may very well have been a totally bad experience, actually turned into a rather pleasant one in several different ways! Met several new friends..One in which, who introduced us to “The Ulimate Oriole’s Experience!”  Not only were we in “awe” of the beautiful stadium, but, also by all of the beautiful staff members. Word had gotten out of Sophie’s illness. She was given the “Royal Treatment!” Giving her an O’s gift pkg. with an official Most Valuable Orioles Fan certificate…marking her first O’s game,an O’s foam finger for she and her brother Isaac,stickers,and an Oriole’s magazine,etc….Not to mention an up close and personal photo with the mascot! And, as if that wasn’t enough, kids usually get tired of sitting [especially when in pain]but, Sophie and several other children proceded to be entertained by one of the door staff and his “amazing magic show” the entire game! It was, I must say…a fabulous experience! I saw my child laugh, I mean really laugh, for the first time in months!! Also, most impressed with the “O” fans…regardless of the score, I witnessed no negativity the entire game.  All were courteous and friendly, just enjoying the experience for what it was! Unlike some of our Big Cornhusker fans back here.  I would almost be afraid to take my children for fear of vulgarity! As for the other target of your sarcasm and negativity, Maryland Horse Racing.  I must ask you…What’s not to like watching some of the most beautiful creatures on earth doing what they do best?!  Here too, my daughter and I were introduced to some very fine people of the tracks! Taken to the barn to see the “Royal treatment” these fine creatures receive. Everyone, and I do mean everyone…even the jockeys,we met were all extremely kind and receptive to my daughter and I. All eager to assist and answer any questions we had with only a smile! I have to say…you could almost feel the intense “family-like” connection felt by the racing community.  Something quite absent in other working facilities! Not to mention, the wonderful food and stimulating atmosphere. What’s not to like I ask? We became instant fans of Maryland Horse Racing! With all of this said…I beg you…Please! Find a more “deserving target”  Stop bashing the Orioles and Maryland Horse Racing!!  Both are very fine organizaions!  Thanks for reading…I hope I didn’t lose you on the Oriole’s!  2-4ever fans in Nebraska!”

(This is unedited, unaltered in any way…For those who portend that I NEVER pass along any “good” news regarding the Orioles, here’s your proof that I’m a fair person. When the Orioles begin to treat me or people I know with dignity and respect, then I’ll report on that as well. In the meantime, I’ll continue to tell the truth about their actions.)