Grand Slams & Molasses

July 15, 2012 | Terrence Nelson

The Orioles gave us a great show the first half of the season finishing at the halfway point with a record of 45-40.  Along with having a plus .500 record there is even playoff speak happening in Baltimore a feat that hasn’t been achieved since 1997.  The Orioles have become infamous for grand slam breakfasts’ and molasses dinners. What I mean by this is getting out to fast starts and dripping to a thick and gooey ending leaving us all with stomachaches.  This season the Orioles have a real shot to make the playoffs this season but it is going to be tough.

The Orioles have a trying schedule the second half of the season with 12 games against the Rays, 10 games against the Yankees, 3 against the Tigers and Rangers and 4 against the White Sox. The O’s have to begin playing playoff baseball now as they finish the season versus teams with playoff experience and aspirations.

Having to place Jason Hammel on the DL will be a huge blow to the O’s during this second half stretch.  Hammel is currently leading the team in ERA, wins and strikeouts emerging as the team’s ace.  Hammel’s injury leaves a huge void in the Orioles rotation and may force them to make a move at the trade deadline.  Which sparks the debate do you mortgage the future for “a shot” this year.

Unless the Orioles roll the dice and make a deal for some pitching at the deadline I believe they fall short of the playoffs.  They may finish about the allusive .500 for the first time since 1997, which would be a joyous enough occasion for Oriole fans.



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