Gregg nearly blows game, then refuses to talk about it

August 14, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

BALTIMORE – The Orioles took an 8-1 lead into the 9th inning Sunday at Camden Yards, but that didn’t stop me from asking WNST’s Twitter followers if seven runs was enough for Kevin Gregg as he made his way through the centerfield bullpen gate.

Turns out, Kevin Gregg couldn’t record one out in the 9th, facing six batters while allowing four hits and two walks.

With the score at 8-4 with the bases loaded and no outs, Jim Johnson came into the game and retired the side on 10 pitches. The O’s would go on to win 8-5, with Jim Johnson earning his second save of the season.

The O’s lead was a running joke in the pressbox today, with reporters wondering how many runs the Birds would have to score in order to enter the 9th with a comfortable cushion. The ninth inning felt a bit like the twilight zone until Jim Johnson was summoned to restore the order.

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Following the game, Kevin Gregg refused to speak to reporters, commenting that he is always available to speak and wondering why the Baltimore media wanted to talk to him today. Gregg pointed out that the team won, that there are many positives to take away from the game, and that we should instead focus on those story-lines. Gregg seemed rather irritated and was clearly in a foul mood.

Personally, I feel the O’s should have a public relations seminar with their players, as this is not the first time this has happened this season. Towards the end of July, Jeremy Guthrie was very short with reporters who were questioning him about that potentially being his last start as an Oriole at Camden Yards.

Reporters have a job to do just as the players do. Gregg’s near meltdown is frankly one of the bigger story-lines to take out of the game today. He has constantly struggled out of the bullpen this season and has not been the pitcher the O’s were hoping he would be. Gregg also has struggled in non-save situations this season, and we (the media) wanted to talk to him about that fact.

Just as Gregg didn’t do his job today, we weren’t allowed to do our job either. It’s one thing for the Orioles to be losers on the field, but it’s another for them to be classless off the field. This type of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated in the locker-room.

If Gregg would have saved a playoff game, I bet he would have happily talked with reporters.

He should have spoken to us today as well.

In actual on-field news, Jo-Jo Reyes pitched very well, going 6 innings while allowing 4 hits, 1ER, and 2BB while striking out four Tigers.

Buck Showalter talked about Reyes’ next start, so it is assumed that he will be making his next scheduled start next week.

Nick Markakis drove in four runs today, with two of his RBI’s coming in the first inning on his 12th home run of the season. With the hit, Markakis extended his consecutive series with a hit streak to 178 straight series.’

That’s the recap for today. For me, while attempting not to beat a dead horse, I’m disappointed in Kevin Gregg. I really am. I lost some respect for him today.

Players don’t run from success, so they shouldn’t run from failure.

At least the Ravens are back…