“Happy with where we are”…really?

December 31, 2009 |

Recently Andy McPhail said in an interview that he was happy with where the Orioles stood at this point in the hot stove season. My response was basically “Really?”. I thought that we still were “in the pitching business” and still DESPERATELY needed another corner infielder who hopefully had some pop in his bat to place in the ol’ #4 hole in the order to get some protection for Jones and Markakis in the lineup.

I wonder whatever happened to the potential re-acquiring of Erik Bedard that was put out there big-time a month or so ago. Weren’t we looking to get him back for the right price as long as his medical reports came back OK? Does anybody out there in WNST-Land know what happened with that?

I must admit that, although I wasn’t jumping up and down, I was generally pleased with the acquisition of Kevin Millwood and moderately enthused about Mike Gonzalez and Garrett Atkins as far as what they could do to improve the club overall. Still, I was under the clear impression that they were by no means done this offseason. As we get past the holidays it becomes less and less likely that anyone of quality will still be available for the Orioles to pick up, notwithstanding the issues of how much we’re willing to pay, or even if they’d be interested in coming here.

Every day I get on the “official” Orioles website to see if there is any news, and every day the silence is deafening, unless you count the endless smiley-face comments about how wonderful it’s all going to be now. While, on the sidebars, we read about the Red Sox picking up Lackey and the Yankees getting Granderson and Vazquez.

C’mon, Orioles. Don’t stop now. We need at least one more reputable starting pitcher and someone who can hit more than 20 homers a year to help out in the infield. I know that our beloved GM said that we weren’t going to trade any of our prospects, but we seem to have so many to keep track of these days that I think we could spare one or two to really improve the club over the next year or two until hopefully the rest of the baby birds bloom.