Has Dave Trembley earned a job in 2010?

June 24, 2009 | Keith Melchior

We’ve seen the parade of managers since the retirement of Earl Weaver 27 years ago.  Names like Altobelli, Ripken, Robinson, Regan, Oates, Weaver, Hargrove, Johnson and others have tried to uphold the so-called Oriole Way that was evident since the team won their first World Series title in 1966.Since the Orioles won under Joe Altobelli, only he, Johnny Oates and Davey Johnson left with a winning managerial records.

Now into his 3rd season as Oriole manager, Dave Trembley is now 45 games under .500. Other managers with better records were let go by Oriole management. Lee Mazilli was 11 under, Ray Miller was 10 under and Phil Regan was 2 under. The worse managerial record since 1983 was Mike Hargrove at 97 under .500 after 4 seasons.

When Trembley replaced Sam Perlozzo in June of 2007 he was blessed to have Andy McPhail and his rebuilding plan as the new GM. He never had the high caliber players that are needed to win championships, but over the last 2 full seasons his weakness as a manager is primarily in the handling of the pitching staff.  On the bench he just sits there with no emotion on his face. Rarely does he show the kind of fire and spunk we used to see year in and year out. He sits there like a zombie and then in the post game press conference he spurts out how well they played but the game just got away. Typical “coach speak” jibberish. Strategically, he makes panic moves when playing in National League parks. The other night he used all 4 of his left field platoon players and was left with no one on the bench as the game was tied in the late innings. You always leave a player on the bench just in case.  I think he gave up on the game after Baez serving up of the grand slam, then got stuck when the team came back to tie the game at 6.  This is not the first incident of Trembley’s bumbling and indecisions and it surely won’t be his last. This guy has got to go if the Orioles are planning on contending in the near future. He already cost them at least 12 games with his choices and decisions.

Question is, knowing Trembley’s poor decision making and inability to properly handle his staff, do you think he deserves to be the manager in 2010?  With the young pitchers performing well and the other young guns doing admirable work in the minors, does Andy McPhail risk turning those guys over to Trembley on a full time basis once they arrive here in Baltimore?

I say no. Fire Dave Trembley now!