Heading to the ballpark this weekend? Why not rub it in a little…

July 11, 2014 | Drew Forrester

This weekend at Camden Yards, officially, the roles are finally reversed.

It’s been a long time comin’…something like since 1998, to be exact.

This weekend in Baltimore, it’s the Orioles who are really good and the Yankees who are wobbling through a less-than-stellar campaign that will see them searching for answers come October.

Forgive me for a few minutes if I don’t cry for the New Yorkers and their fans, the countless thousands of them who would invade our stadium in the mid 2000’s and make it unbearable to attend a game in our own city because their team was great and our team wasn’t competitive.

They rubbed it in, which is their nature.  We took it like Michael Spinks took his beating from Mike Tyson, which is to say we covered our heads with our hands so we couldn’t see the barrage of punches being thrown our way.

This weekend, that all changes.

We’re Mike Tyson now.

The Yankees are no longer the Yankees, even with their inflated payroll and high expectations.

They just lost their best pitcher on Thursday to what likely will result in a lost season in 2015 once he gets Tommy John surgery.  Losing Tanaka is bad enough.  Mix in the loss of C.C. Sabathia and New York has legitimate mound concerns, a situation the Orioles will no doubt feast upon this weekend when the Yankees go with a wing-and-a-prayer instead of starting pitchers we all know and fear.

Bet the over in all three games this weekend.  And take the Orioles, too.

I’m not saying you should go down to the ballpark and rub this turn of events in the face of any Yankees fan you see.  We should be above that, right?

Well, maybe not.

If you’d like to have some fun and jeer a New Yorker or two this weekend, go ahead and do it.

Be respectful, of course.

Try not to get in a fist-fight or anything.

But, please…feel free to yell all the things they used to yell at us in Baltimore:  “Look at the standings!” — “Come on back in October and watch us play baseball!” — “At least you’ll be saving money on playoff tickets!”

Have some fun with it.

As we know, it’s unlikely the Yankees will stay down for long, so enjoy this rough patch we’re witnessing.

See you in October.