Fair Weather, Really?

March 07, 2011 |

I’ve heard a number of Oriole broadcasters and sites such as The Loss Column complain about the reemergence of fans and labels them fair weather fans.  I, personally take offense to that term when it comes to the Orioles.  I haven’t paid to attend an Oriole game in a few years but I hardly consider myself fair weather.  I simply request an organization put in effort to compete to earn and keep my loyalty.  The Raven’s are an excellent example of this.  Whether the team is good or bad, I can see the organization putting in an effort to compete or work toward competing for a Super Bowl every year.  Because of that I will always watch the Ravens (I may complain but I complain like one complains about their son/daughter making a mess, getting into some trouble.  I do it with love).  The Orioles, in my opinion, gave minimal effort to succeed.  If you truly believe you don’t have the funds to get A talent through Free Agency then I would expect more effort to beef up the scouting to develop top notch prospects with the consistent top of the draft first round picks we have.  No serious effort was put into competing and I’m not going to turn a blind eye to a lack of effort.  How do fans rebel against an organization that refuses to make a professional attempt at success?  We refuse to purchase the product until they try to fix it.  I believe the Orioles put in effort this year to be competitive and because of that I purchased a partial season ticket plan and will follow the Orioles much closer than I have in years past, even if the result isn’t what I hoped for.  Nobody can predict how this season will end but I See effort and for this season, anyway, the Orioles efforts brought back a fan.