Whats up WNST fans

April 09, 2009 |

Welcome to We Never Stop Talking Baltimore Sports | WNST.  Hello WNST fans. Here is a quick rant about the Orioles… It was great to hear syndicated national sportstalk radio hosts ripping Oriole fans for hammering Texeira. It was great to be relevant again. Even though they trashed the city and painted a picture of why would anyone ever want to play here, Oriole fans know that we were a legit franschise for three decades and that we aren’t that far away from being good again. Also, the realization is setting in that this is not a “rebuilding” team. It is a team that has good starters on offense, a much improved bench and defense, and solid relievers. Unfortunately, the rotation is a trainwreck. I am not going to flog that horse, but I will say that if we could add in a Roy Oswalt and a veteran journeyman (who could go: 12-10; 4.09 era; 1.41 WHIP) this could be an 88 win team. The Orioles are that close. They just need a top of the rotation starter and one more solid veteran. Guthrie would look real good as a #3. Also, Oriole fans have to put less emphasis on Tillman, Arieta, and Matusz. You need 10 prospects like that to ensure that the future is secure. And, to think that ALL three will work out and be legit big-leaguers is a lofty expectation.