Here we go…will the O’s ‘man-up’ or not?

August 16, 2007 | Drew Forrester

One of the summer’s most intriguing soap operas comes to an end in less than 5 hours.

Will they sign Matt Wieters?  Or won’t they?

We’ll know by 11:59 pm tonight. Maybe not, actually. I wouldn’t put it past the O’s to NOT announce anything today/tonight. Don’t assume, just because you don’t hear anything by midnight, that they’ve signed or not signed the kid. They could leave everyone hanging overnight. After all, what do THEY care if you and the rest of Orange Nation want to hear the news about their bonus-baby catcher?

Note: I tried to reach out to Andy MacPhail but had no luck. Not a shock, of course. But, for the record, I followed proper protocol and contacted the O’s Communications Department to have Andy on The Comcast Morning Show either Thursday or Friday morning, but predictably, my request went unanswered. I didn’t get a “no”. I got no reply from the Orioles Communications Department. How’s that for an oxymoron? NO REPLY — from — the COMMUNICATIONS department.

Well, the O’s are about to “step up to the plate” and swing away at Wieters. What happens tonight? Do they hit a home run? Or do they strike out in the bottom of the 9th with two men on and two out?

One more time – I haven’t changed my tune … I believe the Orioles ARE going to sign Matt Wieters before the night ends. I still believe it and I even made a $50 bet with Nestor today to back up my confidence in MacPhail and the club. Yes, that’s $50 of baby Ethan’s college fund that I have laid on the good senses of the Orioles.  Boy, am I a whack job or what?

I talked this morning about the fallout if the Orioles don’t sign Wieters today. I’m labeling tomorrow “red rump Thursday” if they fail to bring him on board. I will spank them – open handed – for four hours tomorrow. They’ll need three cushions to sit down after Thursday’s show. I can’t imagine most people in town – other than the apologists, boy, I can’t wait to hear THEM tomorrow try and deflect the onslaught of criticism – will treat them any differently than me if Wieters gets passed over. Every talk show in town will redden their Oriole cheeks on Thursday.

As Denzel said in Training Day, it’s time for the Orioles to “man-up”.

They’ve talked a lot about wanting to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox. They’re coming off of a 6-game stretch against those two teams where they won 4 and lost 2. Things are going well, on the field. They could add some spice to a season on the verge of being rescued by shelling out the money necessary to bring Wieters in. If it’s an extra $2 million, who cares?  $8 million or $10 million…either way, you’re not complying with those silly “slotting guidelines”…pay the man and let’s move on.

It’s funny, the Red Sox and the Yankees have become the top two teams in the American League by spending money on players that most people considered “gambles”. Boston, in particular, gambled to the tune of $102 million on Dice-K. Both franchises have made some good “foolish” signings and both have made some “foolish” bad signings. But they always keep fighting and they NEVER stop spending the money their fans give them. Both franchises know you have to gamble to win.

The O’s are up.  It’s time to gamble.

Are they all in?  Or will they fold?

We’ll see in four-plus hours.

There’s an old phrase that rings true tonight as the witching hour nears.

“Money talks – and bull s*it walks.”