He’s Your Problem Now….

April 08, 2009 | Glenn Clark

I was poking my head around TV today, and noticed that “Disco” Daniel Cabrera was on the hill for the Nationals. Ask me if this stat line sounds familiar……

6IP, 5ER, 7H, 2BB, 4K, Loss

The Nationals tried to rally, but fell 6-4 to Marlins.

Cabrera was rolling along, but was done in by a 4 run 5th inning. Anyone surprised?

Bob Carpenter said this after the 6th…..”He had some rough moments, but he had some REALLY good ones.”

Where have I heard that before?

Stan Kasten-thanks for taking him off our hands. And enjoy!

(Of course, there’s always the chance Adam Eaton might make us long for the days of D-Cab.)