Honestly…can we all do this for another 7 weeks?

June 07, 2007 | Drew Forrester

The summer is not even “officially” here yet, but most of us are already looking ahead to the end of July.  Isn’t that odd?

The end of July marks the start of football season in these parts and there’s little doubt that Baltimore sports fans now look to football training camp as the beginning of a 6-month marathon that essentially keeps us all energized and motivated for sports throughout the Fall and Winter months.

But are we all going to be able to make it these next 7 weeks without losing our minds?

As the title says, “Honestly…can we all do this for another 7 weeks?”

By “this”, I’m referring to, of course, baseball season in Baltimore.

Fortunately, the club snapped a shoddy 5-game losing streak this afternoon in Seattle.  THERE IS A GOD…

I’m not sure I could have gone on the air tomorrow morning and done four more hours of discussion about another blown save, another 2-walk appearance by Danys Baez and another grounded-into-a-double-play-to-end-the-inning fiasco from (name your own if he’s not on this list) Tejada, Huff, Mora or Gibbons.

Couple the team’s topsy-turvy play with their weekly front-office disaster and it’s easy to see why there’s ALWAYS something to talk about relative to the Birds.  The problem is, that “something” is always, it seems, bad news.  You might think otherwise, but I’m telling you it’s actually hard work to go on the air every day and have more chaos to discuss.  And yet, chaos reigns supreme when you’re talking about our “regional” baseball team.

Four weeks ago, it was the Jim Palmer-isn’t-allowed-on-WNST blunder engineered by the team’s P.R./Media department.

Three weeks ago, the team got flustered when WNST reported (more specifically, I reported) that the team’s 2008 road jerseys would include the word “BALTIMORE” on them for the first time in 35 years.  Not only did they distribute conflicting information to the media in the wake of that announcement, they further compounded the damage by refusing to return phone calls, e-mails, etc. from WNST staffers.

And then, late last week, the O’s committed the ultimate indignity by not only admitting to everyone they were NOT going to change the away uniforms in 2008, but they offered a public response to the outcry-for-change by saying, “we will not make decisions based on what the fans and media want” (paraphrase).

Follow all of that viperish behavior with a 5-game losing skid that included just about everything you could see in a Keystone Cops movie and every single morning is becoming littered with dreadful O’s talk.

As Aerosmith sang:  “It’s the same old story, the same old song and dance, my friend.”

How much longer can we all do it?

How much longer can we all wake up and talk about another loss, another blown save, another puzzling managerial decision and another front office snub of the fans?  This on-going downward spiral has been in the works for nearly a decade now.  It’s out of control at this point, wouldn’t you agree?  This week, the team admitted they aren’t willing to make changes based on what the fans want.  Can the front-office be any more Tasmanian-Devil-like in the way they destruct anything or anyone in their path?

These first two months of the season have been nearly intolerable.  Don’t forget, there are 99 games left.  It could get worse.

What a sad state of affairs we’re saddled with here in Baltimore.  We all want so desperately to wake up and feel good about our team.  Yet, they make it nearly impossible.

I saw someone tonight who owned season tickets at Camden Yards from 1994-2002.  He previously had 8 lower box seats and considered himself a die-hard baseball fan.  His description of the franchise to me tonight?  “They’re like a boarded up home you see on the outskirts of downtown.  It probably was, at one time, a good home with a loving family in there.  But as time went on, it became run down and not capable of being repaired.  The Orioles are the same way.”  What a description, I thought!

We need this to get better.  I certainly need it to improve, because I’m compelled to talk about the games every morning.  You need it to get better – as fans – because you’re the ones expected to buy tickets to keep the players employed and the owner’s pockets filled.

But how much more of this can we all take?  Honestly?