Hooray For Bergesen, Next Up Montanez?

April 20, 2009 |

Well we finally get to see what Brad Bergesen can do in an Orioles uniform.  He should have come north with the team out of spring training instead of a handful of other guys, one of which is Adam Eaton.  It will be hard for Bergesen to do any worse than his predecessors, and as I have said before at least he has the potential to develop further.



With the injury to Ryan Freel I hope that we will see Lou Montanez called up.  Freel hasn’t done much of anything well in his time with the Birds.  Also that tricky move he pulled going over Dave Trembley’s head and straight Andy MacPhail about his playing time really irked me.  In my humble opinion they should look to deal Freel or just release him.  By their own admission they are not going to compete this year and it would be better to see someone with some upside get the AB’s instead.



Lou Montanez won the Eastern League Triple Crown last year even though he missed close to a month auditioning for the O’s in September.  He too should have been in Baltimore following the spring, but with the ongoing Felix Pie experiment and the presence of the grossly overpaid Freel, Dave couldn’t find a spot for him.  There have been internet rumblings about friction between Trembley and Montanez when they were both in the Cub’s system, but I have not been able to substantiate them to this point.  Depending on the severity of Freel’s injury the Birds may have to call someone up from the minors to give them better leftfield defense and hopefully some hits.  There are two options vying for a call-up, Montanez and Nolan Reimold, and both seem ready to get a shot.  Lou is a bit older and seems hungrier, but with Nolan Reimold crushing balls like the fat chick at prom the decision on who to call up may be a difficult one and only time will tell.



It is amazing how much differently I am looking at the team right now, but I suppose that is what a 5 game losing streak, including a 4 game sweep at the hands of the hated Red Sox, will do to you.  I can only hope that they turn it around defensively.  Defense is the easiest malady to fix on a baseball team and it is supposed to be our staple this year.  The bats have now cooled off from the hot start so it is more imperative than ever to play smart baseball.  I would like to see Dave stop all this hit-and-run nonsense, it is obvious that most of our guys can’t execute it when called upon to do so and I am tired of seeing us run ourselves out of innings.  If you want to take extra bases just employ the straight steal.  Our guys are fast enough and it doesn’t force the younger players or weak bats to swing at pitches out of the zone and thereby get behind in the count trying to protect the runner.  Also please teach Pie how to bunt and run the bases, with his speed he should be employed more effectively.



It does amaze me that Liz wasn’t demoted sooner; he should have never been called up before Bergesen.  It was a horrible use of an option on a player they knew wasn’t ready for his role.  Liz’s future is in the pen but he needs to work on his control in the minors, also adding another pitch would help him get more outs.  Hopefully the Birds can get some wins back on this home stand.