April 08, 2009 |

Somebody help me.  When or why did it become fashionable to throw back home run balls?  The other night I watched the Phillies and the Braves, and Brett Myers did his best impersonation of Tom “Napalm” Niedenfuer.  After every shot the Braves hit out of the park, those dopes in the stands threw the ball back.


I have been going to baseball games for over 35 years now and have never come close to a baseball.  I have sat in enough bleachers seats to fill a dozen parks and still had no luck.  So, why if you actually caught one would you give it back?  I know it’s something the yuppies do at Wrigley Field, but why do we do it here in Baltimore?  Why does the crowd cheer in Philly, Washington, New York or Texas to throw it back?


Trust me if I ever catch a home run or a foul ball I am not throwing it back.  I am keeping that baby!  The players are making millions; the teams and the owners are making millions, and you’re giving back a $15 baseball.  They can afford the loss.