I give this edition of Friday Mud an A+

December 17, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Snow has arrived in Baltimore. Not much, mind you…but just enough for my trip from Security Boulevard to Upper Parkville to take exactly 2 hours and 3 minutes last night.

Yes, it took me 2 hours and 3 minutes to navigate the 24-mile drive.

I could have played 9 holes in that amount of time.

Or watched Training Day.

Instead, I spent most of the drive thinking about this edition of Friday Mud and the various topics I want to cover.

Consider me well prepared.

2 hours and 3 minutes is a lot of time to think about things. I assume it’s about how long it takes Andy MacPhail to write down his order when an intern pops his/her head in the office at 10:45 and says, “What would you like for lunch, Andy?”

Lord knows he doesn’t do anything quickly.


> About eight weeks ago, I was driving around listening to my second favorite radio station in the world – WTMD – when I heard this great female voice singing through my speaker. I had no idea who it was, so when I got home I went to the ‘TMD web-site and checked their playlist to see the name of the artist I heard. It was someone named “Victoria Vox”. Hmmm…I thought…let me check her out. Come to find out, she lives in Baltimore. She plays the ukelele — and sings. And she’s great. I went to her web-site, found the “contact” page, sent her an e-mail, introduced myself, and asked her if she wanted to be my first-ever, live, in-studio “Friday Featured Artist”. She said, “Absolutely!” So, she’ll be in studio with me on Friday, singing some songs and having fun. The fact that she lives in Baltimore makes it all the better. I like supporting people in Baltimore. In case you want to see and hear her, CHECK THIS OUT and enjoy. The song is about her home in Baltimore — “off North Avenue”.

> As we approach the end of the 2010, everyone and his brother will have a list of some sort. Rex Snider, our 2-6pm host, already crafted his “Most Controversial Sports Personalities” list — and Glenn Clark will three or four lists next week to commemorate Lord only knows what. I like lists too. In fact, I recently compiled a Top 5 list entitled “Top 5 ways the Orioles can win the American League East in 2011”. In case you missed it, I’ll remind you of the #1 way the Orioles can win the American League East in 2011 — it’s RIGHT HERE.

> In my continuing effort to compile my all-time, listen-to-it-forever CD, I’m up to song #3 out of the 16 I’m putting on the CD. So far, Van Halen’s “Dreams” and Sublime’s “What I Got” are on the CD for sure.  Next up is a song from one of my favorite bands.  It’s really hard for me to put just one of their songs on the CD and there’s a chance a second one might find its way on there before all 16 are revealed, but one thing for sure.  The album “Throwing Copper” from LIVE (pronounced the way you’d watch a concert in person…live) is, start-to-finish, the best album I’ve ever owned.  So HERE’S MY FAVORITE SONG from Throwing Copper and song #3 on my personal listen-to-it-forever CD.

> “The Life of Big Ben” is a 117-minute movie due out in mid-May that chronicles the meteoric rise of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  The movie company has already sent out promotional photos of Roethlisberger in each year of his life as a way of pre-promoting the movie’s release.  HERE’S THE PHOTO – played by an actor, of course – that depicts Roethlisberger in 2010.

> The parking lot at the Ravens facility is well protected with a security gate and all, but our investigative team was able to sneak into the coaches parking lot last week and snap some pictures of Cam Cameron’s car.  HERE IS WHAT WAS LAYING IN HIS FRONT SEAT.

> Never let it be said that females aren’t knowledgeable baseball fans.  Last weeks, our staff photographer grabbed this snapshot of a young lady who is obviously an Orioles die-hard.  THIS PICTURE was taken just outside of Camden Yards as the young lady waited for Andy MacPhail to leave the ballpark en route to the winter meetings in Florida.

> Auburn University has reportedly filed a university citation against Cam Newton for “failure to clean up a dormitory room on school property”.  Newton moved out of his dormitory room late last week but evidently left the trash can in his room filled… among other things.  HERE IS THE PHOTO of Newton’s room taken by university officials that was included with the official citation.

> John Harbaugh sent me a Christmas card last week.  Really, he did.  Signed by him and all.  That was a nice gesture.  Much appreciated.  Two days later, a box arrived for me with an Owings Mills postmark.  It didn’t have a return address on it, but I have to assume it’s a gift from the coach.  HERE IT IS — you tell me.

> I saw a guy walking through White Marsh Mall the other day that looked a lot like Nick Markakis.  In fact, I’d swear it was him.  I went to take a picture of him with my cell phone, but he turned around and ALL I GOT WAS THE BACK OF THE T-SHIRT he was wearing.

> The Orioles brought Mark Reynolds and J.J. Hardy to town this week to get them acclimated to their new surroundings.  Here is a PHOTO OF THE TWO OF THEM that was snapped as they walked into the Warehouse for the first time as members of the team.

> We all remember the day Andy MacPhail told the media gathered at his “welcome” press conference — “We’re going to grow the arms and buy the bats.  When this team is ready to contend, we’re going to invest heavily in the free agent market and we’ll invest in offensive minded players who will take us over the top.”  For snickers-and-giggles, I went back through the extensive WNST.net photo archives and found a picture of MacPhail from that historic day.  In fact, THIS PHOTO RIGHT HERE was actually snapped just as he said, “We’re going to buy the bats…”

> Most of you who listen to WNST or read WNST.net are aware that we recently conducted a canned food drive and hauled exactly 2112 cans to the Canton Baptist Church this past Tuesday.  ALL of those cans came from you.  Either through drop off here at WNST or at our event at The Fullerton Pub a few weeks back – or through cash donations you made that we turned into cans – every single can of those 2112 came from YOU.  It’s impossible for me to thank you each and every one of you (again) so I will just say that if I could, you’d get THIS ITEM from me in the mail today.