I heart 1983 & The AirTran Curse

October 16, 2008 |

I cannot let this anniversary pass without reminiscing on one of the most celebrated sports events in my life.  A middle class family of 6 doesn’t spend a lot on outside entertainment.  When it came to baseball, even though my mother spent most of her formative years at the stadium watching home team – the team her father managed – my sisters and I never set foot in a stadium.  The O’s pennant run and World Series victory gave me my one chance as a kid to get close to the team I listened to on the radio and watched on TV.  It was the biggest surprise of my life when my parents packed us up in the big brown station wagon and took us to the airport to greet our victorious team.  That memory is ingrained in my head.  I hope to do that again in my lifetime.

For some reason, last night driving home, the Todd Heap AirTran billboard jumped out at me.  Does the AirTran billboard have the same power of a Madden NFL cover shot?  I seem to remember the last version of this billboard had Steve McNair, with Danica Patrick in between.  Interesting.  Although, getting into a public girl fight might not merit as a curse fulfilled.