If the Orioles lose tonight, I won’t be crushed…

October 11, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I still think this series in New York is a long way from over.  It’s a best-of-5 for a reason.

And the Orioles have swatted away every nuisance that’s come their way in 2012, so why wouldn’t they stay alive tonight with a dramatic Game 4 victory?  I almost expect them to win tonight because that’s what they deserve.

But if the Yankees win tonight in the Bronx and that’s all she wrote for the Birds, I’ll be just fine.

Really.  I’ll sleep like a baby tonight if the Orioles lose in Game 4.

I’ve watched the first three games of the series with this peculiar “Lord only knows what’s going to happen tonight” sort of philosophy, which has served me well.  I didn’t go nuts when Ibanez beat Billy Cundiff Jim Johnson in the 9th inning, even though I assumed it was over when the team’s closer strolled to the mound to collect his nearly-automatic-save and give the Birds a 2-1 series lead.

It wasn’t over, unfortunately, when Ibanez drilled a pitch into the right field seats to tie it up at 2-2.

An hour later it WAS over – again unfortunately – when Ibanez popped Brian Matusz for the game-winning home run to put the Orioles into an “elimination game” for the second time in six days.

But make no mistake about it, my stomach didn’t start hurting last night the way it did in 1997 when Tony Fernandez ended our last playoff series with a home run in Baltimore.

I didn’t sleep well for a night or two after that loss to the Indians.

But this is much different now.  This is fun.  And I’ve enjoyed the living hell out of it.

No one expected this in March or April.  Hell, honestly, no one even expected this on Labor Day.

It’s just fun to see the team playing on national TV in October…so I’m good with anything that happens tonight.

If the Orioles win, I’ll be fired up for Game 5 tomorrow night.

If the Yankees win, we’ll do what we always do around here when baseball season ends.  We’ll turn our full attention to the Ravens.

Either way, it’s been a helluva run by the Orioles.

I sure have missed this since 1997.

And that’s why I’m good with any result.  Just getting back there and playing post-season baseball is enough to satisfy me.

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  1. OVER40DON Says:

    I feel the smae way. A friend was in Vegas earlier this year. If the O’s won over, I think, 68 games, it paid 100-1. A crazy team out of nowhere stting some odd MLB records. Like 2 rookies hitting HR’s in one game. UNBELIEVEABLE.

  2. CP Says:

    Since Ibanez looks like Voldemort, it’s time for our underdog Hogwarts team to mount an epic comeback. Go O’s!

  3. Rich Says:

    I, too will be happy with the O’s 2012 performance with as much as they’ve accomplished. But has anybody else noticed how different the atmosphere seems between OPACY and YS from games 1/2 and game 3? O’s fans were absolutely nuts the entire game. I stood up on EVERY 2-strike count like it was 3rd down. At YS the atmosphere seemed like a calm patience- like a “we’ve been here before” air that just knew this would all work out for the stripes (like it somehow always does … every year). And it did … again. I want 2 O’s wins in the worst way because I can’t take another run by the “Ghost of Pinstripes Past.”. LET’S GO O’S!

  4. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    The Why Not Orioles of 2012. Enough said.

  5. Jason Manelli Says:

    Way too rational, Drew…last night hurt like a punch in the jewels…I’m still trying to catch my breath. Go O’s!

  6. RJ Says:

    It’s the SB shoulda been all over again!!

  7. charlie Says:

    it’s a good perspective. and drew is right, we’ve missed this since ’97. nothing quite like autumn baseball; i don’t wanna wait that long again.

  8. The Armchair QB Says:

    True…dat! Unbelievable season thst no one in their wildest imagination would have predicted early on! This team has found ways to win ALL season, so whose to say it won’t continue! If they are truly a team of destiny, they’ll keep finding ways to win and, if they don’t, it’s been one helluva ride! Either way, this has been a season for the ages and win or lose, we can ALL say, thanks, O’s, for the…..memories!

  9. unitastoberry Says:

    Well its not like they’ve been in the playoffs for 4 years in a row with no championship? But generally speaking no one remembers a loser. It aint over till the fat lady sings. Ask the 79 Pirates.

  10. tsnamm Says:

    I’m sorry,but I will be crushed…not because I or anyone else predicted this team would be here now, because nobody saw it coming. But because championship opportunities can be so fleeting. This team has stood toe to toe with the Yankees thru the entire season,the stretch run of September, when everyone thought they would dry up and blow away, and didn’t. And now in meaningful October baseball. And frankly for just a few breaks it would be 2-1 O’s. This team is totally capable of winning this series and it would be a bitter pill to swallow if the stinking ass Yankees got let off the hook when they’re ripe for the picking. This team has proved all the naysayers wrong and made beleivers out of a LOT of cynical Oriole fans like myself. Even though I will be satisfied at their performance this year no matter what, I will definitely be deflated if they don’t at least make it 5. Thay’ve done a great job, and I’d love to see it continue, because they ARE good enough.

  11. matt Says:

    when the nationals were talking about shutting down strasburg this year all the talking heads were saying they needed to save him for the post season because no one was guaranteed to make the post season again, much less the hapless nationals/senators franchise (no matter how good they look now)

    im not with your laissez faire attitude for that reason. you will be ok with 1 winning season and 1 post season appearance in 15 years? the red sox will never be good again? tampa will lose all of its pitching that it reloads every year? toronto will never get pitching again?

    is this a guarantee that you will never again blast the orioles for how they do business? even if they go 15 years from now losing? you wont make one peep about them using bait and switch tactics to sell tickets?

    for me personally, i would much rather they win this series… and the next… and then the world series… and then id be ok with them losing for 15 more years. (DF: I’ve read this (and re-read it) five times and I have no idea what you’re saying. None. I never said anything about “being OK” with 1 winning season and 14 losing ones. I will ALWAYS hold their feet to the fire over their business practices, just like I do with the Ravens, no matter what they do on the field. I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but you’re not making any sense.)

  12. matt Says:

    and for anyone who thinks this team is amazing. when they showed all that promise at the end of last year: who were the pitchers? who were the role players? were they apart of the run this year? no. if you field this exact same team next year, all the insane records the o’s set this year for 1 run games, and extra inning games, and games after 7 innings lead, they will be reversed. and all those clutch hits by journeymen players will be strikeouts and pop flys.

    no team could repeat what the o’s did this year. and the only way they did what they did this year was because of it. without it, they will lose 90 games next year. and the next. and the next.

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