If The O’s Were Smart, They Would Save Arrieta For One More Day

June 20, 2010 |

Fan’s are going to have to wait longer to see Jake Arrieta again.

When Juan Samuel made the decision to skip Chris Tillman’s turn in the rotation based on his inability to have a quality start, the entire rotation was bumped up a day, which is not an uncommon thing in baseball at all. While the Orioles, and specifically Samuel, are trying to do what is best to get a win, one of the effects of the move could be less beneficial to the Orioles than just pitching Tillman.

Tillman was originally scheduled to pitch in tomorrow’s series finale against the San Diego Padres, but instead it will be the red hot Jake Arrieta, who has dominated the opposition in his only two starts since being called up from Triple-A Norfolk. He may help the Orioles win a much needed series, but the move in the rotation is going to make Orioles fan’s wait even longer to get a live glimpse of the pitcher. Arrieta was originally scheduled to pitch in the first game of the Orioles home stand against the Florida Marlins on Tuesday and again next Sunday against the Washington Nationals. But instead of having two starts in the Orioles home stand, he is slated to pitch just one outing before heading back on the road.

Lets face it, fan’s are not going to the ball park expecting to see a win from the Orioles anymore, so you have to give them something to rally around, and a pitcher who is 2-0 with a 2.77 ERA in his first two appearances could be the shining light in a otherwise dark season. When Arrieta was first called up to play, he had a few followers who made sure to make it out to his major league debut, but that wasn’t really enough to make the average fan want to go out to see another Oriole make his debut, at least not to the magnitude that forced a sellout for the much anticipated debut of Matt Weiters. With two solid outing under his belt, it would have been a perfect opportunity to give fans a reason to flock to a game, to see a young pitcher showcase his talents. But instead, Orioles fans will be have a great opportunity to check out Jeremy Guthrie two times on the home stand- certainly not somebody that will create a buzz around the Park at this point.