I’m a fool to care…

March 03, 2010 |

Yes, folks, another Oriole season is about to kick off with the first exhibition game scheduled for this afternoon. All I can say is…let the hand-wringing begin!

Even though every rational bone in my body tells me that I’m being set up for yet another LOOOONNNNGGG summer of heartache, I will still follow them through every stumble and missed opportunity and unfathomable front office or managerial decision.  I’ll deal with my wife’s eye-rolling antics as I turn on MASN each night around 7 in the hopes that they’ll be worth watching.

Why? That’s a hard one to figure.  It could be that there’s not that much better on TV at any one particular time. Part of it could simply be loyalty, but that would be too much of a cop-out, as such a term is deemed very passe’ in our modern world..and I don’t want to be seen as an Orioles apologist or someone who simply follows like a blind sheep.  I could say also that it comes from so many happy memories. That I’m doing this out a sense of fealty to what was, not what is. Or, is it simply that being a baseball fan is a part of who I am…then, now, and always…come what may.

Now, I know that that sounds extremely corny, but that’s the dead-on truth. Sometimes I get that way when talking about baseball and local ties and family ties and links to the past, all of which, at least to me, are somehow connected in one form or another. (Yes, I still cry at the end of FIELD OF DREAMS and thrill to parts of THE NATURAL. Laugh if you want to..but I’m willing to bet that a lot of you in WNST land, even the jaded ones, will admit that there WAS a time when you did…otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here to begin with.)

So, just like in years past, I’ll flip on the tube every night and hope for the best. There’s something very refreshing about a bunch of young players with something to prove on a newly cleaned slate when the snow starts (hopefully) to disappear.

Good luck, Orioles. We’ll all need it…