I’m actually glad Machado snapped like a 6-year old yesterday

June 09, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Honestly, I’m glad Manny Machado flipped out in the 8th inning of yesterday’s clubbing administered by the Oakland A’s.

I was a little concerned — selfishly — that I might have opened a can of worms this morning when I bashed him for his silly tirade on Friday night when – GASP! – he was tagged out by A’s 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson.  I assumed a few folks in town would rally behind Machado when I chided him for being an over-sensitive wimp who was angry because Donaldson “tagged him too hard.”

Now you know why I was happy to see Machado go off the reservation yesterday.

There’s no defending him on that — and no defending him for Friday’s episode, either.

He obviously tried to throw his bat at the pitcher yesterday.  That came on the heels of the pitcher trying to hit him (or, at the very least, “send a message”) with the previous pitch.  All of that, I’ll remind you, was part of a Friday night debacle where Machado acted like a complete lunatic after Josh Donaldson tagged him out on a play near third base.  My guess is there was plenty of chirping going on throughout the three games — between both Machado and the A’s — and the A’s quietly said to themselves, “Well, if we can somehow get a 10-run lead on these guys at some point, we’ll deal with the whiz kid.”

Sadly, Machado is turning into the very player we DIDN’T want to see with one of our hotshot rookies.  He has apparently evolved into a cross between Bryce Harper (“I’m untouchable”) and Brett Lawrie (“If things don’t go my way, I just act like a jerk”).  That’s not good.

I have no idea what sort of relationship Buck Showalter has with Machado.  For all I know, Machado might completely march to the beat of his own drum and not listen to anyone, including his manager.  That said, Showalter has a great opportunity to do some real coaching now.  He can either protect his player or tell him the truth.  If he tells Machado the truth, he’s going to hurt his feelings.  But, truth be told, Machado embarrassed himself this weekend.  He embarrassed the organization, too.  And, in a weird way, he’s embarrassing Showalter, too.  If the skipper can’t get his wonder-boy under control, we’ll all be left to wonder if Showalter has any juice (no pun intended) in the clubhouse or is he just the old guy who fills out the lineup card?

All Showalter has to do is have the tough talk with him that no one in the organization is willing to do:  “Manny, you’re acting like a punk, now.  You can’t spend the rest of your career getting pissed off every time something doesn’t go your way.”

Machado won’t like it.  But it’s the truth.

He’s embarrassing himself.

I assumed he was above that, being 21 years old and a superstar and all.

Apparently not.

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  1. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    Maybe Mr. Ripken could have a talk with him. Interesting that this behavior appears after almost 2 years in the league. Maybe the frustration of not playing up to the levels he he was at last year is getting to him?

    At any rate, with the Ray Rice incident in the winter, Baltimore does not need another player making news for bad conduct on or off the field.

  2. Paul from Towson Says:

    Drew, I completely agree. What Machado did yesterday was shameful and embarrassing. Not to mention unbelieveably stupid and dangerous. As I explained to my son last night, there is NO place for that kind of behavior either in sports, or society. It’s a borderline criminal act. But in keeping this a baseball topic, if Buck has any clubhouse credibility or stones, he calls Manny into his office, tells him to shut the door and explains that his services will not be needed tonight against the Red Sox. Also, I would hope that a couple of the veterans, such as Nelson Cruz, who it seems Machado has bonded with, or Adam Jones pulls this kid aside and explains to him that winning baseball games and keeping your cool in the heat of battle, trumps getting into a “Mine is bigger then Yours” fight with the opposition. Additionally, I was impressed with the amount of restraint shown by the Athletics over the weekend. It was almost like, especially Sunday, they said, “Ok hotshot, you go ahead and throw hissy fits, we’ll just kick your a** and continue with the best record in the American League.” Personally, I was sad to see Machado act like this, as I too thought he was better then this. Hopefully this was a one time thing where a young star just forgot his bearing. Time will tell, but Machado has some work to do. And in my opinion, given his response, he’s not off to a good start. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tim Says:

    Manny, looked bad this weekend, but it makes me wonder if something is going badly in his personal life? I don’t know this guy at all personally, but this seems out of line. Hopefully, somebody else is starting tonight at 3rd.

  4. Robert Says:

    Agreed Drew, but I’d like to see Machado suspended, by MLB (and gasp the O’s brass if they have any scruples) for 3 games for his childish, thuggish, dangerous, reckless & “bush league” actions. Cheers.

  5. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    I wonder if his actions were somehow a rebellion against the low-ball offer the O’s made to him this past winter or he just doesn’t care that he is becoming a A-HOLE !!!

  6. The Armchair QB Says:

    I didn’t see either games or incidents, so can only comment generally. There is no place in MLB for any pitcher EVER INTENTIONALLY throwing at a batter….NOT EVER! Yet, it’s done all too often. And, if someone does throw at a batter intentionally, the batter is completely within his LEGAL right to defend himself by any means possible, including throwing his bat at the pitcher! That being said, this team seems to be expressing its frustration in the field and at the plate, which calls for managerial intervention……

  7. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    Friday night – I think he took that a bit far. The Athletics got into his head and after Manny’s HR, you didn’t hear much more (or anything if I recall)from his bat.

    Sunday’s game – both Oakland pitcher and Manny’s actions were intentional. I was glad to see both get ejected – not sure why they let pitcher throw one more pitch and then eject after Manny threw bat, but they both got what they deserved – too sit.

    Just remember, we meet Oakland again in July am I sure this isn’t over. If a player wants to make a point, do it by your play on the field offensively and defensively.

  8. tsnamm Says:

    Manny’s Friday outburst was just silly…what was just as ridiculous was listening to Jim Hunter and Joe Angel try and make excuses for Manny’s behavior…almost as stupid as Tom Davis and Dave Johnson on the post-game show whining that the A’s work too many walks and its boring to watch…I wonder if these guys ever listen to the stupidity they spout…it’s downright embarrassing…the O’s are an impatient hitting team with below average pitching; they’re a .500 team and their record reflects that…listening to these guys continuously dancing around the issue is tedious.

  9. Unitastoberry Says:

    Brooks never did this,Frank never did this, case closed. The players knew Earl had their backs always.

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