I’m hearing: O’s think they’re getting Tex

December 16, 2008 | Drew Forrester

The beat rolls on in the Mark Teixeira saga and there is word today from ESPN that a decision (from Tex/Boras) could be coming soon.

No need to re-hash where we’re at in this whole thing, but we’ll re-cap it like this:  There’s Baltimore, by far the biggest gamble for Teixeira as an on-field product but also the place he’d most like to go if all things were equal (which, they aren’t) – the Nationals, who have no marquee players to speak of and would make a major impact with Teixeira’s signing – Los Angeles/Anaheim, where he would probably feel the least amount of pressure for his Brinks-truck act, and, finally –  Boston, where he’s virtually guaranteed to win a title at some point in the near future.

Take this for what it is:  My “bird on a tree” at The Warehouse says the O’s are comfortably confident that they’re going to land Tex.  “This is a highly complicated negotiating session and we have the best negotiator in baseball on our side of the table in Andy MacPhail,” said my Warehouse confidant.  “We’re feeling good about this whole thing.  We think we’re getting him.”

Fair enough. 

I think – based on what’s been published and what’s NOT been published – that the Orioles are going to land Teixeira as well.

I’m betting – because he is more dishonest than honest on a variety of levels – that Boras does NOT have the leverage he’s hinting that he does.  I’m betting he’s trying to milk the most money he can because he really doesn’t care if the Orioles’ franchise is successful.  Does anyone out there believe that Scott Boras cares about the attendance and revenue improvement of the O’s?  I don’t. 

Remember last August when Scott Boras told everyone that Matt Wieters absolutely was not going to sign an O’s contract for anything less than a $10 million signing bonus?  Remember that?  I do.  Do you remember what Wieters eventually signed for?  I do.  $6 million. 

Boras doesn’t care if Baltimore’s attendance has dropped to 12,000 a game and the team has become an afterthought in the Charm City sports market.  He doesn’t care that Tex is a “Baltimore guy” and would be step one in the foundation-building process for a new era in Orioles’ baseball.

If Boras can squeeze a 10-year, $220 million offer from Washington, for example, he’ll do back-flips to try and convince Tex that DC is a great place to play baseball for the next decade.

I’m betting AGAINST Boras.  I don’t think he has an honest bone in his body.

And I’m betting that Teixeira winds up in orange.  Orioles’ orange.

Folks at The Warehouse believe that. 

And so do I.

Of course, there’s also a chance the O’s aren’t “on the level” with their offer and their interest.

It’s a game filled with people who speak while they have their fingers crossed behind their back.

In this instance, though, I’ll bet against the guy who fibs the most.  I’ll bet against Scott Boras.