It’s a “rap”…Friday Mud is here for you

October 22, 2010 | Drew Forrester

“Friday rolls around and it’s time to let loose

So grab your drink of choice, make it Cab or Grey Goose

We handle business here and sometimes it gets hot

I’m like John Wilkes Booth, I take my best shot

Since you’re here to read the Mud, go ahead and grab a seat

‘Nother ribbon on the wall, it’s been months since we got beat

Without fancy symbols, catchy pictures or a logo for this blog

It’s still an easy win over Jenny and the ‘Dawg”

(I have another version with a couple of F-bombs that gets muffled by a voice saying, “I love you madly”, but I went with the safe-for-work option this time around).

Enjoy your weekend and your Friday Mud.


> A lot of folks in town fell hook, line and sinker for The Sun’s Wednesday report that Joe Flacco “met with”