It’s Time for the Trade Deadline!

July 24, 2012 | Gil Kuta

Ladies and Gentleman, there are three events that are looming ever closer to us.


First on the list is the Olympic Games, and everyone is ready to cheer on the Red, White, and Blue, regardless of their opening ceremony outfits that were made in China.  Around here the big focus will be on Michael Phelps and how many medals he’ll bring home this year, and I believe that the attitude towards Phelps has changed, instead of everyone expecting Mike to bring home as many golds as humanly possible, it seems that Baltimoreans are simply happy to watch him compete again, and we do expect him to win a few golds, it won’t kill us if he doesn’t bring home 8 again.


Next is the MLB Trade deadline, where everyone is wondering who the Orioles are going to acquire, and who they’re going to give up, and it seems that Orioles GM Dan Duquette has made it very clear that top prospects Dylan Bundy and Manny Machado are not available, which should prompt a small sigh of relief from Orioles fans.  There is also the possibility of sending away Brian Matusz and/or Jake Arietta, I personally wouldn’t be to sad to see either of them leave, the old school thinking of baseball that a player that failed somewhere else can do well on a different team isn’t a great policy, but neither is holding on to a high draft pick because “he has to snap out of it, he’s better than that”, well in Matusz’s case, no, he’s not better than we think he is, and if another team is willing to take him in a deal that can land the Birds a prime-time starter, I say go for it, same with Arrieta, he’s starting to get out of developing player age, and 1-9 with a plus 4.50 ERA is more than enough for me to let him go.  On the subject of who the Orioles will try to acquire, I honestly can only give Ideas, because there are a lot of team hungry for starting pitching, in fact, the Pirates grabbed up Wandy Rodriguez earlier tonight.  It seems that Cubs starter Ryan Dempster is the biggest target out there, and the Braves almost got him earlier today, but the deal hasn’t gone through, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dempster in orange, but I’m beginning to grow tired of the Orioles bringing in past their prime pitchers who will only be with the team for a few months, even though Dempster has been one of the best pitchers in the National League recently, which is definetley intriguing, I would rather stick with Duquette’s strategy of building within, and a pitcher at Dempster’s age (36) the O’s won’t be able to mould him to the system.  This is why I like Matt Garza, who has phenomenal stuff, and still has enough years left in him to become a solid starter in Baltimore for a while.  This is just my preference, with the crazy rumors at this year’s trade deadline, and the Orioles being buyers instead of sellers for the first time in over a decade, I’m just as curious as everyone else to see what happens/


The final event, which is the farthest away, and everyone is most looking forward too is the beginning of football season.  I’m already starting to make predictions and decide who I would take first in a fantasy league draft.  Since that is all more than a month away, at the moment I’m excited for training camp, because Ray Rice is extended, things are looking up on Flacco’s deal, Ed Reed will report to camp, and Courtney Upshaw will be everywhere.


Kuta, Out.