July Heat to Much for Orioles

August 03, 2011 | Tom Federline

Record breaking heat wave in Baltimore during the month of July. Hottest July ever for the state of Maryland. The Orioles at 7 – 19 for the month, were far from hot. They were never even warm. They were……….. the Orioles of old. They were…………the Orioles of the past 13 years. They… are currently 43-63, which means they would have to go 38-18 the rest of the way, a .679 winning clip. That ain’t happenin’. They….. let the July heat melt away any chances of a .500 season. So, as it has been for the majority of the past 25 years – here we go again Orioles – “I Melt With You” – (Modern English). The dilemma here is, that “I have seen a difference – but it is NOT getting better all the time.”

The O’shave kept to their modus operandi. Just when you think it cannot get any worse…………it does.I turned on the ballgame Saturday night, to see them losing 16 -1, in the third inning! Thank you Yankees for that 17 -3 butt whoopin’. Television cameras zoom in on Buck-Buck and there he is just shaking his head. At least he wasn’t smiling. Guess what Buck-Buck – the Oriole faithful are shaking our heads also. Heck, the Pirates are even making a run. Yes, another one of those sour teams from Pittsburgh. Now it’s getting down right embarrassing.

Wasn’t happy seeing Koji go. He was one of the few bright spots in that bullpen. Potentially good trade though, time will tell and maybe we’ll see “Koji with K” back in a birds uniform next year. Yeah right. The Derek Lee deal leads me to believe there is a “Fix on” somewhere. First – he goes to Pittsburgh (bad enough). Second – the Orioles get a Single -A first baseman? Say what? Lee wasn’t having the year we anticipated, but trade him for a kid who is going to play in Frederick? On top of that, the O’s acquired a kid (starting), who plays first base from the Rangers in the Koji deal. Not buying it Andy MayPhail. What ya got cookin’?

The positives during the heat wave: 1. JJ Hardy signed to a 3 year deal – now there’s a blessing. 2. Nick (Future Hall of famer) is back to his all-star status. 3. Buck-Bucks pitching coach and 3B coach were fired and demoted. Ok, that is not what was reported……….but come on….. 4. JJ Hardy signed to a 3 year deal. 5. Nick  Markakis…… 6. Anybody have anything else?

Will not dwell on the negative – but here’s another beauty on what is “wrong” with professional sports. Remember a cat named Justin Duchscherer – was going to be part of the pitching rebuild. Well the Orioles cut him and paid him his $700,000 guaranteed salary. He never pitched in a game. He has been rehabbing his hip in Sarasota, Florida. Just makes the anticipation for work tomorrow that much juicier, doesn’t it?

I like the heat. I love the summer. I look forward to an O’s game come dusk. I enjoy sitting on my deck on a hot summer night with a glass of iced tea, a spray can of “Off” and Joe Angel/Fred Manfra on the radio. I did not enjoy July. The 98 degrees, the 3 HHH’s still prevalent at 7:30 pm and the Orioles already trailing in most games. Positives – my house is cleaner, got caught up on the “to do’ list and was able watch a few movies I had never seen. Something tells me July would have felt a whole lot cooler if the O’s were winning.

Seven wins, nineteen losses – ouch. It’s August – my favorite month of the year – usually the hotter of the two summer months. Can the Orioles get hot and save face? I still have orange Kool-Aid in the pantry. Stay cool. Come on O’s, they need 24 wins to top last year. If things get real bad, you can always go pay $100 for a preseason game ticket and support the 9 billion dollar greed monger babies of the NFL. It just keeps getting better.