Kevin Gregg allows 1.63 baserunners per inning

August 31, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

The pitcher who comes in so often with a one or two run lead against the best teams in baseball allows 1.63 baserunners per game.

For every nine innings that Kevin Gregg pitches, he allows just shy of 15 men to reach base.

Yet Buck Showalter throws him out there game after game after game after game.

Why does Showalter continue to trot this guy out there ?

Was Gregg promised something in the offseason? If so, who cares? When the Orioles invested $5 million in Kevin Gregg to be their closer, they trusted him to provide adequate production, and they have not gotten anything close to that.

Last season, Buck Showalter famously proclaimed that he didn’t care about the save rule, and that the ‘win rule” meant so much more to him.

At this point, what can we even say about that? Obviously Showalter was full of crap when he said it because he continues to throw Kevin Gregg out there in the ninth inning of games that guys like Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and J.J. Hardy are fighting their hearts out to win.

Don’t they deserve better than having to watch Gregg blow games like they are bubble gum?

I really don’t understand it and I never will. If this was Jim Johnson or Chris Ray blowing all these games, they would have been demoted a long time ago.

Why does Gregg get such a long leash?

1.63 baserunners per inning. For a $5 million closer.