Koji, Texas, July… HA!

July 08, 2010 | John West

Some random thoughts as we cross the midway point of the MLB Season:

  • On July 7, 1988 the Baltimore Orioles were 26-58
  • On July 7, 2010 the Baltimore Orioles are   25-59

Who else is very excited, actually I cannot wait, to see Koji get called in from the bullpen in Texas over the next several games?  That trot in and his work, (pause while I laugh) on the mound will be hilarious video.  He might lose 6 pounds of sweat.

The other day I was in the car listening to the Orioles play the Tigers on my XM radio.  This allows me to listen to the other team’s radio guys call the game.  The overall report from the opposing team’s announcers is that Arrieta is very good, and that this team has some good young parts, but it is at least a full year away, and several big missing parts.  Tell us something we didn’t know.

I just read where this Orioles, a couple of days away from the All-Star break, don’t have one pitcher with 4 wins.  It is my understanding that would be a record.  I look forward to the second half of this year, with lots more sad/funny Oriole tid-bits like this one.

If I understand it correctly, if the Orioles don’t trade Millwood and offer him arbitration, and he declines (which he will), then the Orioles get a draft pick after the end of the first round and before the second.  So, the Orioles could have 3 picks in the top 40 or so in next year’s draft, including the number 1 overall pick, which will be used on Rice’s 3B Anthony Reardon.  When today stinks, look toward tomorrow.

Is there any chance Adam Jones will move to left field and Felix Pie will play center?  Is that something that would be any value?  I don’t know, its just a thought.

How great has Corey Patterson been this year?  If I were a team in the playoff hunt, he is the guy I would want.  Speed in the outfield and on the bases for a late inning run when you need to win a game.  No ego that would demand playing time and very little in terms of money.  He and Wiggington would be the two guys I would want to fill out a playoff roster.