Losers laugh at things that make them losers…

June 10, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The Orioles beat the Yankees on Thursday night.

Jake Arrieta made his debut and handled the situation quite nicely, earning the win and showing some grit along the way, working himself out of a jam or two and staring down a mostly B-squad Yankees lineup until departing after 106 pitches.

Unfortunately for Arrieta, though, the evening was marred by an EPIC display of “look at me, I’m a loser” by none other than Luke Scott.

You remember him, right?  He was the guy who botched a key fly ball in left field on Wednesday night, then struck out in the 7th inning with the bases loaded in a game the O’s would lose, 4-2.

Yeah, THAT Luke Scott.

He surfaced again on Thursday night.  This time, though, his mistake was unforgivable.

In the 6th inning, Scott hit a towering fly ball to right field.  It was deep enough right from the outset – from my vantage point in the beautiful OPACY press box – to think “that might be gone” but Scott evidently thought the ball wasn’t hit well enough…so he tossed his bat aside in disgust and basically jogged down to first base and towards second, fully anticipating Nick Swisher to catch the ball for an out.

But Swisher didn’t catch the ball.  It traveled to the wall…and when the rightfielder mistimed his jump, the ball caromed off the wall and bounded some 30 feet or so to his left.  Scott then broke out in a full sprint and was able to easily get into 3rd base before Swisher figured out where the ball was and got it back into the infield.

A similar set of circumstances happened to Scott in the Boston series.  Juan Samuel even talked about it after the game last Sunday, as he asked Scott “did you give it everything you had?” and Scott said, “that was all I’ve got”.

He certainly didn’t learn from that mistake, because his lollygagging MIGHT have cost the team an inside-the-park home run on Thursday night. Scott did come around to score the 4th and final run on an Adam Jones double, so there was no harm from his faux pas.  In the dugout after coming across the plate, Scott was confronted by Samuel and the two had what appeared to be having a discussion about the ball Scott hit to the wall.

An inning later, though, there was Scott, giggling with teammates in the dugout and acting like nothing was wrong.

Actually the only thing wrong is the Orioles record…17-43.

And Scott’s inability to hustle.

That’s wrong, too.

When you’re losing games, every mistake comes back to haunt you on most occasions.  Tonight, fortunately, it didn’t.

But not running that fly ball out was a bush-league mistake by Scott.

And it’s symbolic of the Orioles’ 2010 season and their woeful record.

They just don’t care enough.

They SAY they care enough.  Their quotes are professional in nature.

But when they play, it comes across as if they don’t care.

Not all of them, mind you.  But some.

And Luke Scott’s mistake, coupled with his laughing about it later with teammates and Samuel in the dugout, is simply inexcusable.

Jake Arrieta was pretty daggone good on Thursday night.

That’s the story of the game.

He beat the Yankees in his major league debut.

They’ll never be able to take that one away from him.

Luke Scott’s blunder, though, was the story of the season.

In a year where everyone has under-performed except for Ty Wigginton, the players should be extra aware of doing the little things that help the team win.

Someone let Luke Scott know you shouldn’t laugh at things that help you lose games.

That’s how you become a loser.