Losing Ihedigbo isn’t a big deal

March 25, 2014 | Drew Forrester

James Ihedigbo has signed on with the Lions and is now an ex-Baltimore Raven.

No offense to Ihedigbo at all, but it’s a loss the Ravens are very capable of handling.

Next man up.

In fact, that’s precisely how Ihedigbo got the job in the first place.  Ed Reed, gone.  Bernard Pollard, gone.  Ihedigbo (along with Matt Elam) gets a starting job.

He did a decent job here, but by no means will the Ravens suffer without him.

Who’s up next?


Ray Rice is staying, Steve Bisciotti says, “no matter what”.

Fair enough.

The inside skinny I’ve heard from a bird-in-a-purple-tree at Owings Mills is that Rice told the team from the very outset of his Atlantic City issue that he didn’t “punch” his girlfriend, rather he was defending himself from her and in doing so struck her on the side of the head and she fell.

I’m not here saying I believe him or not, because I wasn’t there, but it sounds like the Ravens are either convinced he’s telling the truth or they’ve seen the much discussed video tape from the casino and his story holds up.

Either way, Rice deserves the proverbial one-time “second chance” and the Ravens are willing to give it to him.

Case closed, apparently.


I also don’t mind Bisciotti’s off-season decision to give John Harbaugh a one-year extension on his contract.

Harbaugh has done everything expected of him and more since showing up here in 2008.

Even last year when they handed him a “B roster” on the offensive line and took away his team’s best wide receiver (against his wishes), he still led the club to within one good quarter of football in Cincinnati from making a 6th straight post-season appearance.

Keep paying the man, I say.


This time next week, we’ll have one game of baseball under our belt and the 162-game marathon called “a baseball season” will be underway.

I love the Orioles chances of making the post-season this year.

They won’t win the American League East — Tampa Bay will — but I do believe post-season baseball will be seen in Baltimore again this October.

I can’t say much more than that because we’re doing our official predictions this Friday.  But I do have the Birds making the playoffs, I’ll tell you that much.


I have some real warriors on my 2014 Calvert Hall Golf team.  Yesterday was our annual “Beat the Temperature” event at our home course, Country Club of Maryland.  The concept is simple.  Whatever the temperature is at 3:15 pm, we need one player to shoot under that number for nine holes in order to collect “pledges” provided by supporters of the program.  Last year, the pre-event temp was 39 degrees and we needed a 38 or better to collect.  We had a player produce a nifty even-par 35 for nine holes and raised nearly $400 for the program.

Yesterday, at 3:15 pm, it was 36 degrees.  I was hoping for something like 38 or 39, honestly, but it was 36 at 3:15 pm and we headed to the first tee knowing we needed at least one player to shoot 35 in order to collect.

I had four players post rounds of 38 or better.  Four!   Four others shot 41 or 42.  And by the time the players got to the 5th hole (4:30 pm) it was 33 degrees!

Best of all, in the last group to come in, senior captain Grant Burton produced a “34” for nine holes, which is one under par on the front nine at CC of MD.

Winners again!

I can’t stress enough how impressed I am with this group of young men I have.  Even the great Gary Player commented to me at Pinehurst last Saturday how well behaved they are, saying, “These are fine young men you have, great representatives for the future of our game of golf!”.  Player was staying at the Pinehurst resort while we were there and spent time with my team at breakfast every morning.

Fine young men, yes, and terrific players, as evidenced by yesterday’s play in frigid temperatures at CC of MD.

Thanks to all of you who pledged your support (we asked for $20.13 to commemorate our 2013 MIAA Championship) as it looks like we’ll raise close to $500 for the program.

We’re going to use the money to purchase a “welcome gift” that we’ll distribute to the visiting teams we host at CC of MD this season.