MacPhail and Trembley is not the Combo

April 12, 2010 | Tom Federline

Andy MayFail and has. He failed when he renewed Dave (Triple AAA Only) Trembleys contract last September. The O’s have simply continued where they left off. Some faces have changed, but the results are still the same. When you do not have a leader, how can anything change? When you do not have inspired coaches on the base paths, how can anything change? No aggression. no chances, no motivation, no changes, no life on the ball club. The Orioles need a manager, they needed a manager last year. They need a new coaching staff. Reference some of my Fall ’09 blogs, on the O’s. The Orioles baseball organization needs some new life.

I do not want to hear, “It’s not Trembleys fault,” but actually they are 1/2 way right. It’s 1/2 Andy HasFailed fault for renewing the contract and 1/2 “Triple AAA Only’s” fault because he just flat out, is not qualified at the major league level. “Triple AAA Only” can get through the media garbage after a game, he bleeds orange and black for Angelos and he knows how to ask questions. He asks his hurting coaching staff what he should do, he asks his players if they want to play, he asks when will the buffet table will be layed out, before, during or after the game.

Newsflash to Dave Trembley – You are supposed to be a manager. That’s right Dave – you are supposed to “manage” people in a baseball environment. Dave – “manage” – is a verb, that is an action. Dave, you have to think, move and make a decision……..on your own. Dave, here’s some help – “manage – to take charge of.”  Taking charge, is NOT asking Brian Roberts if he felt like playing last Thursday night. Asking a player, if they wanted to or could play? I hope Earl Weaver reads this or heard that the other night. Dave, Roberts is hurt. He was hurt prior to the steal Thursday night that enflamed this whole injury fiasco. Roberts was not ready to go, Dave. Your “action”, Dave, was to manage and TELL Roberts, “You’re sitting son, we want you for Opening Day at home.” Roberts going down though, appears to have been inevitable, i.e. the pick-up of Lugo.

Here’s another definition for ya “Triple AAA Only” and Andy HasFailed, “manage – to bring about or succeed in accomplishing.” Newsflash – it ain’t happenin’! What has the current manager (term used loosely) and current coaching staff – accomplished? The Orioles are something like 4 – 50 with runners in scoring position. Here’s a hint for ya, Dave and Andrew – ever hear of hit and run, bunt, suicide squeeze? Has anyone ever mentioned to you, “If something is not working, you fix it or buy a new one.”

I went to the real Opening Day, here in Baltimore, last Friday. Jim Hunter is making the pre-game introductions. I boo Shelby and Samuel. Who the heck is Juan Samuel anyway? I then hurt my throat and voice while booing Trembley. I am booing three, let’s say out of six, elders on the club, of whom are supposed to be the most influential. It is Opening Day….and …..I am booing! How wrong is that?

Maybe things will change. And maybe, “It’s the End of the World as we Know It” – (REM). As long as Dave (Triple AAA Only) Trembley and his coaching staff are in town, there is a better chance of the world ending, then the O’s getting back to the World Series.