Magical Again

June 15, 2008 | Glenn Clark

I’m glad the Diamondbacks were blown out by the Royals tonight; or it might have been a bit awkward that I sat in the back room and watched golf for a while; then switched to watch the Birds.

I know that athletes are never expected to “quit”; but I’m starting to buy into the whole “No Quit Birds” concept.

I called the 2007 Diamondbacks team the “Never Say Diamondbacks”; and I think its time to give this Orioles team a similar nickname.

They’re still not going to be a winning team, but if they can give us enough moments like this; that will be good enough for me.

OSCAR SALAZAR? I thought Markakis was going to be the hero; but then there was OSCAR SALAZAR! And Freddie Bynum! And Ramon Hernandez!

This wasn’t just an 8-7 win and the 2nd win in a fun 3 game series against the Pirates. This was the type of night that brought smiles to Orioles fans worldwide.

Plus, I had a caller “guarantee” on my show Friday that the Pirates would sweep. I took him up on a hat bet that the Birds would sweep.

The hat I get will of course feature the cartoon Bird!

Talk to you soon.