Markakis Spurned Again

November 15, 2009 | Tom Federline

Once again, the best right fielder in baseball is refused, what used to be a coveted honor, of receiving MLB’s Golden Glove Award. This award, along with the rest of major league baseball needs to be trashed and start all over. Is there anything left that is not corrupted by someone or some entity? “Spurned” is such a strong word. So let’s go with – passed over, neglected, negged, or how about screwed? Let’s just say what it is, “Fixed”.

The Orioles have the best right fielder in baseball. Nick Markakis (future Hall of Famer), that’s my full name for him, deserved the Gold Glove Award for his position. Baseball is so screwed up, they did not even pick a positioned left fielder. People, if you go to an Orioles game and get frustrated or disinterested, do not leave! Just watch Markakis. He plays 99% of the time. Watch his set-up, watch his break on the ball, watch his technique, watch him throw! He taunts base runners to run on him. There is exceptional professional talent in right field and it’s in our own ballpark.

Ichiro Suzuki, won the award for the 9th straight year. Suzuki, does play right field and he is an above average fielder. He is a better hitter than fielder. Was he awarded for right field or just outfield? Does it matter? Who cares? The award is supposedly voted on by managers and coaches. Do they have eyes? Do they look out there to see if these guys are actually playing? 

Here’s on for ya. Does anyone remember who won the Gold Glove for 1B in 1999? Ok – hint – “I have never used steroids in my life.” Yes, Rafael “Steroids Liar” Palmeiro. Now dig this….and I remember this too…..He played 28 games at first base that year with Texas. Twenty-eight, vente y ocho, two eight, dos ocho (that’s for Chad Johnson). 28 out of 162 games and wins the Gold Glove. Are you kiddin’ me? “Is There Anybody Out There” – (Pink Floyd), who can legitimize that for me?

Wait a minute, maybe it’s the …………… Nooooo, can’t be. I’m “old school”, so let’s see, Markakis – 3.3 mill per year, $9,000/day. Suzuki – 18 mill per year, $49,000/day. Sorry, did I make you sick? I am. What about the other winners? Torii Hunter, same as Suzuki, I just threw-up. Ok, this may make you feel better, Adam Jones $435,000 per year (soon to go way up), $1,200/day. No, I’m still sick. I’m not taking anything away from Adam Jones or Torii Hunter, both outstanding players. But, did you know that both of them missed 1/3 of the season? And yes, they win the Gold Glove Award. I’ll repeat myself (as Pink Floyd would do), “Is There Anybody Out There”, who can legitimize that for me?

MLB is a joke. And as sick as it is, I’m still a fan of the “actual or natural” game. So Nick Markakis (Future Hall of Famer), you might as well join Cal Ripkens “Cold-Shoulder” Club for this award. Hopefully Markakis gets one in his career. He deserves it. He’s simply the best out there.