Matusz up on Tuesday? Hooray for Andy

August 01, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It looks like another esteemed member of The Cavalry is coming up, as Brian Matusz appears all but a lock to make his major debut Tuesday night in Detroit. 

I’ll check off the box that reads: THRILLED.  I’m excited to see him pitch on Tuesday.

It stinks that his start comes at the expense of an injured Brad Bergesen, but promoting Matusz is the right thing to do.  What are the options?  David Pauley?  No thanks…might as well just start Brian Bass.  Chris Waters?  See David Pauley.  Mark Hendrickson?  Uh, we saw his starting capabilities in April — let’s leave it at that. 

Promoting Matusz makes all the sense in the world.  He’s been virtually un-hittable at AA Bowie.  Sure, it would be nice to see him get people out with regularity at Norfolk, but why not just bring up on Tuesday and see what he has in the tank?  After all, “we’re not gonna win anyway” is the team’s famous motto for 2009 — so who cares about one start and one game in Detroit in early August when we’re already 3 months removed from the pennant race?

Yes, those folks angling against Matusz will say he’s only been in pro ball one year.  Well, someone else in the organization once came up after only one year in pro ball and 28 minor league starts and he turned out to be a potential Hall-of-Famer.  His name?  Mike Mussina.

If Matusz even sniffs the relative greatness of Mike Mussina and his outstanding career, we won’t remember much about that August 2009 start he got in Detroit which, MAYBE, was a tad too early.

This is what they should have done at the end of spring training with Nolan Reimold.  Instead, Reimold had to ride a minor league bus for a month or so until Andy finally figured out Felix MacPhail Pie couldn’t do the job in left field.  

Bringing up Matusz for Tuesday’s start in Detroit is perfect timing.  It gives us all another reason to watch the game when we’d mostly be disinterested by early August. 

Let’s just hope if he handles himself efficiently and becomes part of the rotation for 2010 that they don’t cut his salary in the off-season.

That move didn’t work out so well with the ’09 staff ace.