Maybe Barack has brought sanity to the Warehouse

January 22, 2009 | Nestor Aparicio

A new president…a new show…could it be a “new” Orioles organization? For the first time in three years I attended an Orioles press event without being thrown out! Now, I don’t want to jump to conclusions and think that they might actually be “opening up the gates,” but I did make it into the Warehouse for a full hour of today’s Nick Markakis press conference and even got to ask a question without being escorted out by the orange police.

Hey, it’s a start? I didn’t start the war or continue it. I just report on what I see and what I’m told and what I think. So far, so good. I’m gonna credit this “thaw” to President Obama.

Markakis has grown his hair a bit and was his usual mellow self, very appreciative, quiet and honest in his assessment of the Orioles and their future. Andy McPhail gushed about Markakis’ future here in Baltimore and accurately said this was “the most important priority of the offseason.”

I’ll write more later…back on the air at 2 p.m.