June 28, 2010 | John West

The Andy McPhail “era” is about ready to be judged.  The final several pieces will take place over the next 6 months, starting right away.  After that, it appears he will be walking towards the Commissioners job.  Bud Selig has announced that at the end of the 2011 season he will be stepping down.  But that’s next year…

So, this is the second to last, or maybe last, trade deadline opportunity for McPhail.  This will most definitely be his last off-season opportunity for McPhail.  Does he want to be the Oriole GM next year?  My guess is there will be some long, excruciating detailed search for his own replacement that takes place all of next year.

Heck, Nick Markakis has cut McPhail completely out of the loop and is going straight to the top.  Then you have Rick Dempsey getting an interview, against the wishes of Andy McPhail.  How does that happen?  It happens because McPhail has one foot out the door.

OK, trade deadline moves for the next month…  The Orioles need to trade Millwood, Wiggington and Tejada.  They should listen to offers for Luke, Guthrie and Ohman.  What should they get back?  Hopefully a AAA shortstop who can play next year.  Anything else other than that should just be the best player available.  This shouldn’t be that hard.

This off-season, the team needs are as follows.  2 middle of the line-up bats: a 1st baseman and a left fielder.  I hope they are acquired through free agency.  This would allow us to keep some of our beloved prospects.  If however, the opportunity comes where we can package Tillman or Bergesen or Britton, we should make that trade!

Who should they sign?  At first base the options are Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, Derrek Lee, Victor Martinez or Carlos Pena.  I like all of them, but I really like Dunn.  In the outfield, there is Carl Crawford, Jayson Werth, and Magglio Ordonez.  I don’t think we can get Crawford of Werth to come here, even if we give them the highest offer, which we won’t.  So, I am thinking Dunn and Ordonez.  Not murderers row, but a big upgrade over this year’s team.

If McPhail could somehow get involved in the Prince Fielder bidding, and maybe get him, then my opinion of him would change.  If not, then he has spent 3 years here in Baltimore showing the other Baseball owners that he knows how to make a team some money.  Great…. our team still stinks.