Mid-season O’s report cards

July 03, 2007 | Drew Forrester

81 games down, 81 to go.  The O’s are 36-45 after last night’s thriller in Chicago, so it’s time to issue some mid-season report cards.  Mom and Dad aren’t going to be too happy with some of the grades their boys are bringing home.  That being said, who cares what your grades are when your contract is guaranteed, right?

Chris Gomez – B+ > He’d play a lot more if I managed the club.

Kevin Millar – B > The class clown can still contribute, as he proved last night in Chicago.

Jay Gibbons – E > If I gave him anything better than this, you’d have to question my objectivity…I like Jay, but he’s been bad.

Aubrey Huff – D > Cycle or not, he hasn’t been NEARLY as productive as we all anticipated…6 homers so far?

Brian Roberts – B+ > Other than that slow start where he struck out more often than he brushed his teeth, he’s been sensational.  Could have been a little more vocal during the Perlozzo-needs-to-go campaign, but overall, an outstanding campaign to date.

Miguel Tejada – C+ > Power numbers are WAY off, obviously, and he’s been less-than-dependable with runners in scoring position.

Melvin Mora – B- > He’s the one guy who will probably put up better numbers than his career average this season.

Freddie Bynum – C > I don’t know what to give him, so I’ll be nice and give him a C.

Ramon Hernandez – C- > A couple of stints on the DL haven’t helped him find his swing.

Paul Bako – B- > He’s been “OK” as a replacement for Hernandez but he’s a back-up at best.

Jay Payton – B >  He is what he is…not an every-day player, but a guy who makes a difference when he’s in there.

Corey Patterson – C- > Phenomenal defensive player.  Phenonemal defensive player.  Phenomenal defensive player.

Nick Markakis – B- > Sweet swinger, no errors in the field, team leader in RBI’s.  What sophomore jinx?

Jeremy Guthrie – A > What other grade could you give him?  He might be next year’s opening day starter.

Erik Bedard – B+ > He disappears after games more quickly than David Copperfield could, but that has nothing to do with his work on the mound.  He’s been VERY good and really should be more like 10-4 instead of 6-4.

Daniel Cabrera – D > The jury is still out on this guy.  Just not consistent enough to be a #1 pitcher.

Brian Burres – B > Has been much better than expected.  Not quite as pleasant of a surprise as Guthrie, but a surprise for sure.

Steve Trachsel – C+ > A great start has been tempered by a bad June.  Should be moved at the trading deadline if healthy.

Jamie Walker – C+ > Like most relief pitchers, he’s been very good, kinda good and not-so-good…all in a one-week span.

Chad Bradford – C+ > See above.

Scott Williamson – C+ >  See above, above.

Danys Baez – D > Was really good for ten or so outings…than really bad for the next 20.  REALLY bad.

Chris Ray – D > Has become a liability.  That fastball would have struck out a lot of kids in the Harundale Little League, but it won’t fool the best major league hitters, as evidenced by A-Rod, Vlad, etc.

Dave Trembley – B > So far, so good, but a team is always going to play hard for the new manager for 20-games or so.  Let’s see what happens when they drop 7 straight.  Overall though, he’s been a breath of fresh air and the early signs are the players genuinely like playing for him, which is important.

Greg Bader – E >  A Director of Communications who doesn’t communicate?  I’m not a Rhodes Scholar, but something’s wrong there, right?