Millar leads musical ‘Orioles Magic’ singalong in clubhouse

April 06, 2008 |

Here are some postgame notes from Orioles clubhouse:
·         When the media walked into the clubhouse this afternoon, Jeremy Guthrie was playing “Orioles Magic” through the clubhouse speakers from his Ipod. Millar, Guthrie, Loewen, Sherrill, and several others were sitting at the table and pounding the table to the beat of the song
·         Kevin Millar said the fans should be proud to wear the colors of the Orioles, because they are a first place team
·         Many of the players noted that they would not and did not win these type of games last year
·         Aubrey Huff said that he likes to hear the “Orioles Magic” song in the clubhouse, but not on the field. Aubrey said that “Orioles Magic” was played opening day and they lost. Since then they have gone to “Click Click Boom” by Saliva and are undefeated
·         Luis Hernandez was running around on the field like a little kid when he got the game winning hit. Several of the O’s players thought that Lowe of the Mariners was trying to unintentionally intentionally walk Ramon Hernandez to face Luis.
·         Kevin Millar said it was big hit for Luis, because now he can have his bats back. Millar said that the bat company’s had stopped sending bats to Luis because he was not using them.
·         The ballpark was electric at the end of the game and there was not hardly a person sitting during the 9th inning
·         Randor Bierd and Dennis Sarfate did a great job of keeping the game where it was
·         In the clubhouse after the game, several of the Orioles players said as soon as they saw Felix Hernandez come out of the game and Markakis got his hit, they knew they were going to win
·         The Mariners have some serious bullpen issues with J.J. Putz out
·         The Orioles were 13-31 in one-run games last year and 4-87 when trailing after 8 innings
·         Versus Seattle last year the Orioles were 2-7. Already this year they are 3 – 0 with a day game tomorrow and a three game series the first weekend in August.