MLB Draft: Day 3 Recap

June 10, 2010 |

The odds are a lot of the players selected on Day 3 of the First-Year Player Draft will be out of the league in a few year while most of the high school kids, or college players with more eligibility, will not even sign a contract and attempt to raise their stock.  But that does not mean a team cannot find a very good player in round 30-50.  Some notable players taken after the 29th round include Raul Ibanez (36th round), Kenny Rogers (39), Mike Piazza (56th round), and Jeff Conine (58).

Here are the Orioles Day 3 Picks:

Pick 928: Adam Gaylord, 3B, Stanford, R/R

Pick 958: Joe Robinson, RHP, College of Southern Nevada, R/R

Pick 988: Steven Mazur, RHP, Notre Dame, R/R

Pick 1,108: Samuel Starr, SS, University of British Columbia, R/R

Pick 1,048: Joseph Donaldson, UTL, Southeastern, S/R

Pick 1,078: Brad Decater, SS, Cal State-Northridge, R/R

Pick 1,108: Austin Knight, 2B, Palm Beach CC, S/R

Pick 1,138: Jeremy Shelby, CF, Grambling State, R/R

Pick 1,168: Travis Strong, RHP, No School, R/R

Pick 1,198: Joseph Velleggia, C, Old Dominion, R/R

Pick 1,228: David Blanchard, SS, Cheroke County HS (AL), R/R

Pick 1,258: Jacob Petitt, LHP, Western Oregon State, L/L

Pick 1,288: Blair Dunlap, PF, UCLA, R/R

Pick 1,318: Preston Hale, OF, North Florida, L/L

Pick 1,348: Nathan Williams, RHP, Scripps Ranch HS (CA), R/R

Pick 1,378: Daniel Torres, C, Countryside HS (FL), R/R

Pick 1,408: Cody Young, RF, Anderson University, R/R

Pick 1,438: Alex Schmarzo, RHP, St. Mary’s, R/R

Pick 1,468: Hayden Jordan, RHP, Whitewater HS (GA), R/R

Pick 1,498: Phillip Walby, RHP, Scripps Ranch HS (CA), L/R