Mora…not happy: “It’s time to move on”

August 02, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Melvin Mora evidently snapped in the locker room prior to today’s game with the Red Sox when the lineup revealed he would once again not be starting at third base.

Mora started ranting and raving about not getting the proper respect from Dave Trembley. 

Trembley’s in a no-win situation with Mora.  While he can continue to shuttle him out there day in and day out, that doesn’t do much for preparing the club for the 2010 inevitable — that Mora will NOT return next year as the starting third baseman.

Ty Wigginton – under contract for ’10 – is the starter at third today and is probably going to be standing there next April when the O’s open their season-of-promise.  

In fairness to Mora, he’s been in Baltimore for this entire Decade-of-Despair and probably DOES deserve the extra-respect treatment from the club.  He’s one of a rare breed here in Baltimore.  He bought a home in Harford County and has lived here year around throughout the duration of his tenure.  The current manager can’t even make that claim.  And Mora has been extremely valuable to the club in the community, particularly in the winter months when all the other players apply their SPF-30 in Arizona or Florida.  

But he also has to understand that the sun is setting on his career.  Throwing a fit and bellyaching about being an All-Star and not getting respect and all that jazz…it’s just glossing over the fact that he’s realistically playing in the late November of his career calendar.  

So, while the O’s should work hard to not aggravate him, they also have to move on and prepare for life after Melvin Mora.

The Mora-departure-saga requires a skill set from both parties that, frankly, neither seems to possess.  Mora’s never been one to take a seat on the bench without raising a stink and the O’s aren’t the greatest ambassadors for rewarding their faithful and productive employees.  Just ask the late Elrod Hendricks.  Or Mike Mussina.  Or, *ahem*, Davey Johnson.  Oh, that’s right, he resigned on his own accord.  

So, with Mora halfway asking for a trade: “It’s time for me to move on”…we’ll have a few fun weeks while he broods and Trembley steams with more losses and an aggravated veteran.  

If Trembley wanted to really agitate Mora, he should bring him into the manager’s office and say, “Look, we’re not gonna win anyway…”