Morning Reaction Orioles 10-Game Scorecard (Games 41-50)

May 31, 2012 | Luke Jones

During the 2012 season, Drew Forrester and Luke Jones of The Morning Reaction will provide the “10-Game Scorecard” for the Orioles, rating the club in 10-game increments in a number of categories and looking ahead to how Baltimore will fare over the next 10 games on the schedule.

To hear the full explanation from Monday morning, click HERE.

1. Should the Orioles have been better or worse than their 3-7 mark?
Drew: Better
Luke: Better

2. Most Valuable Player/Least Valuable Player
Drew: MVP – Adam Jones; LVP – Matt Wieters
Luke: MVP – Adam Jones; LVP – Tommy Hunter

3. Biggest surprise
Drew: The long-term signing of Adam Jones
Luke: The continued struggles of Matt Wieters

4. Best thing about the 10-game stretch
Drew: Brian Matusz continues to make progress from last season
Luke: Zach Britton and Brian Roberts moving closer to a return

5. Ten games from now…
Drew: Fans will officially be worried about the state of the Orioles.
Luke: Mark Reynolds will reestablish himself as a lineup regular.

6. Record in the next 10 games (**0-1 already, three at Tampa Bay, three at Boston, three with Philadelphia)
Drew: 3-7
Luke: 4-6

7. Stock rising/falling over the next 10 games
Drew: Rising – Nick Markakis; Falling – Chris Davis
Luke: Rising – Matt Wieters; Falling – Robert Andino

8. Grading Buck Showalter in games 41-50
Drew: C
Luke: B-