My mea culpa to Derek Jeter and the Yankees

October 04, 2012 | Drew Forrester

This won’t take long.

When the Yankees came in to Baltimore back in early September and lazily bumbled their way through a four-game set here, I pronounced them second class citizens.

I wrote a blog at that time predicting the Orioles – not the Yankees – would win the American League East.

Turns out, I was wrong.

My reasoning was solid, I’ll remind you.  The Orioles had a cakewalk-schedule over the final 20 games, while the New Yorkers had a tough one.  Baltimore’s team is filled with youth, the Yankees are filled with early signs of arthritis.

I figured the Orioles would cruise through their schedule and win the East.

I was wrong.

The Yankees, to their credit, held serve.

Nothing else to see here…if the Orioles go to Texas on Friday and win the Wild Card game, we’ll see New York for five more games — well, wait, make that FOUR more games.  That’s how long it will take the Orioles to dismiss Joe Girardi and Company in the ALDS.