My mea culpa to Derek Jeter and the Yankees

October 04, 2012 | Drew Forrester

This won’t take long.

When the Yankees came in to Baltimore back in early September and lazily bumbled their way through a four-game set here, I pronounced them second class citizens.

I wrote a blog at that time predicting the Orioles – not the Yankees – would win the American League East.

Turns out, I was wrong.

My reasoning was solid, I’ll remind you.  The Orioles had a cakewalk-schedule over the final 20 games, while the New Yorkers had a tough one.  Baltimore’s team is filled with youth, the Yankees are filled with early signs of arthritis.

I figured the Orioles would cruise through their schedule and win the East.

I was wrong.

The Yankees, to their credit, held serve.

Nothing else to see here…if the Orioles go to Texas on Friday and win the Wild Card game, we’ll see New York for five more games — well, wait, make that FOUR more games.  That’s how long it will take the Orioles to dismiss Joe Girardi and Company in the ALDS.


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  1. NYY Says:

    Nicely done..#accountablity. Good luck against rangers..looking forward to seeing an AL EAST ALDS.

  2. Dan Says:

    Ahh, so this time your the fly and the buick got you! At least I lived long enough to actually see you admit that you were WRONG!!!!!!!!!! (DF: I wasn’t wrong. The Orioles played poorly.)

  3. jon Says:

    While I will never question Jeter (how can you?), I too thought the cracks in the Yankees armor were permanent. Kudos to the Yanks for doing their thing.

  4. bernard Says:

    Looks as if the O’s have shot their wad & are going to go quietly into the night. Texas is gonna win & the fine season the Orioles had is over. Watching the games the last several weeks & in particular against the Ray’s, I have never seen so many first pitch strikes taken by O’s players. Great pitching by Tampa quickly got Balto behind in the count & they looked scared stiff 1-2 or 0-2 after that.

  5. Jason Manelli Says:

    Takes a big man to own up….from one big man to another, well played sir. Yanks felt the heat and they dug their heels in and showed the mettle of a great team. Hope to see them in the ALDS where we can settle the issue mano a mano.

  6. Bruce Says:

    Is it so much the Yankees won, or that Boston quit playing over the last 2 weeks? One would think that, given the chance to damage your fiercest rival, you would find a way to win at least one game. But noooo… Enjoy last place, Boston. (DF: The Orioles played Boston too. Boston stinks. They have no players and no manager. The Yankees won, fair and square.)

  7. Mark Says:


    This comes from a guy that roots for the players but hates the owner and has been right there with you over the years in your opinions of the organization. In your response to Dan, you say the Orioles “played poorly”. You do realize that between 9/1 and the end of the season, they went 20-10. They won 67% of their games. If that is poorly, I would hate to know what your requirement is to say that they played well.


    (DF: I was referencing the final 3 games, where the reader noted that Boston was terrible and that’s why New York won the division. The Orioles “played poorly” in Tampa Bay is what I should have written, to be more specific.)

  8. tsnamm Says:

    @Mark is spot on…the O’s played great, the Yanks just played better…the Yanks matchup for the last 3 with a listless punch drunk Sox team, while the O’s had the pitching rich Rays with Longoria back in the fold…it was a tough break but thats baseball…time to jump on a sputtering Ranger team and get to the ALDS… (DF: The Orioles didn’t “play great” against the Rays. They scored 5 runs in 3 games. That was my point from the outset.)

  9. unitastoberry Says:

    Sucks to be in the same divison with the Yanks and the Stillers.

  10. Joe from Glen Burnie Says:

    Imagine that-Drew was wrong…At the time you wrote that article predicting the Yankees collapse it was clear to any clear thinking person that it was the O’s who had the more difficult schedule. Just look at who they both faced the last 3 games of the season.

    The O’s faced the pitcher laden Rays while the Yanks faced a Red Sox team that was in shambles with a lame duck manager.

    Way to go Drew… Readers, don’t pay any attention to this blow hard who fancies himself an authority on many things he knows nothing about… (DF: LOL x 5. “Readers…don’t attention to this blow hard that I’m paying attention to…”)

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