My Sports Addiction and Sports Life Story

June 26, 2012 | Melissa Rubin

I am a sports addict, I follow the headlines and I watch ESPN’s Sports Center every day. I like knowing which teams are in the lead and which ones are in the dog house. I like staying in the know even when I don’t necessarily follow a particular team or sport.

While I stay in the know on the headlines, my real passion is the Ravens, but I also follow the Orioles and Washington Capitals. I like having a dog in the fight and root for my hometown teams, though the Orioles have been a pain in my ass for a long time. Thankfully this season is surprising everyone, well at least so far, I want to stay optimistic, but I’m so used to them being in the toilet, part of me is waiting for them to unravel.

My story is unique in that I didn’t grow up watching sports except that I was an Orioles fan; my parents took me to a few games every summer. I have fond memories of watching the Orioles win the 1983 World Series.

The Colts were a different story. My grandfather was a huge fan, but my dad not so much. I didn’t really grow up watching games and never saw them play at Memorial Stadium, but I will never forget the night they were shipped out of town. To this day I get pissed off when I see a Mayflower moving truck! Even though I didn’t grow up following them, I still rooted for them and I felt cheated that I had to grow up without a football team. I never had the chance to learn the game or get to know the players.

Having no football team meant that I became a hard core O’s fan. I remained true to them for a long time, but slowly lost interest after Cal Ripken retired in 2001. I watched him play his entire career and when he was gone, I found it hard to watch and I slowly distanced myself from the game. I’m still a fan, I just don’t follow as closely as I used to.

So every now and again Baltimore would make some attempt at getting a football team. I have a vague memory of the CFL in Baltimore, but never followed them even though they were good and won the Grey Cup. It was hard to get excited about a Canadian football team; it wasn’t “real” football.

And then a man named Art Modell decided to move his football team to Baltimore and the Browns became the Ravens. My first NFL experience was a preseason game at Memorial Stadium; Ravens vs. Packers and there were a lot of cheese heads. I was accustomed to baseball games where fans behaved themselves. The game experience was culture shock for me as some fights broke out; I think the excitement of football being back in Baltimore was too much for some fans.

I wanted to like football, hell I wanted to love it, but I had a hard time understanding the game. Sometimes someone would explain the game to me, but I couldn’t grasp it, baseball was easier to follow, football made my head spin.

Then in 2001, the Ravens won the Super Bowl, to this day it is my favorite football memory. I screamed my head off, it was awesome, but even then I didn’t really understand the game. Ironically, it was a few years after that win, when the Ravens sucked, that I began to understand the game and follow it religiously.

So yes, I will admit that I became a crazy Ravens fan when they sucked and I’m proud of it. I remember the Kyle Boller years very well because that’s when I obsessively started following the team. Every season I gave him the benefit of the doubt and prayed that he would get better, sadly he never did.

Last fall I was so obsessed with the Ravens that I decided to start writing about them. I started my own blog on a sports blog website ( Writing about the Ravens helped to clear my head when I was frustrated and gloat when I was happy.

Eventually I was able to share my passion on other websites and I became a contributor to Bmore Chix and The blog network consists of 102 blogs and a core group of 20 that cover politics, sports and special topics.

Most recently, I became the lead Ravens writer/blogger for  Aerys Sports is the only online sports network run entirely by women writers. I have my own section, “The Purple Nest”, where I regularly submit articles about the Ravens.

I bleed purple and it hurts like hell sometimes. I get pissed off when things don’t go the way I want them to. I use words that might offend some, but not my friends, as they have gotten used to my obscene language when things get ugly.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s not easy, but that’s me, I will support them no matter what. I don’t claim to know everything, there’s a lot I don’t know and I’m eager to learn so please feel free to teach me.

So for now, I’ll keep raving on about the Ravens. They are my passion, they excite me, sometimes they annoy me, but I will never stop obsessing about them.