Nick needs some support

May 27, 2008 |

Nick Markakis is having a decent year so far. He is batting .258 with 9hr and 24 rbi’s. The problem as has been talked about all season long so far is the lack of support that he gets from the hitters in front and behind him.
Here is a look at the numbers on the season for Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff as they compare to the batters who hit in the #2 and #4 slots for their team in the American League the last two days.
Melvin has a .239 avg which is third lowest with only David Dellucci (CLE).228 and Gary Matthews Jr. (LAA) with .218 average in front of him. Also looking at the other key stat for a guy like Melvin in my opinion is his on base percentage. Just on the Orioles team, only Ramon has a lower OBP .248 than Melvin’s.295. Again comparing Melvin’s season stats to the season stats of the rest of the #2 hitters over the last two days in the A.L., Melvin has the lowest. To be fair to Melvin, he has done an exceptional job of hitting with runners in scoring position. Melvin is batting .409 with less than two outs and .444 with two outs.
Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar have both taken turns batting in the #4 spot for the Orioles. For Huff of the 15 hitters who batted #4 in the American League the last two days, he has the second lowest batting average .246. Only Carlos Pena has a lower average at .238. Huff’s power numbers for the season with other guys who batted #4 the last two days are about middle of the pack. Only Magglio Ordonez (9) and Carlos Pena (10) have more homeruns than Huff (8), and then there are a bunch of guys with seven or eight. Huff has 28 rbi’s which puts him seventh among the hitters who batted #4 for their team.
Here are the numbers of Millar and Huff when they bat fourth and fifth.
Millar #4 -.216avg 4hr 12 rbi(126 plate appearances)
           #5 – .263avg 2hr   9 rbi(64 PA)
Huff  #4 -.293avg 3hr 13rbi (87 PA)
          #5 -.200avg 4hr 12 rbi (92 PA)