NOlan at 1st Base…

May 18, 2010 | John West

The Nolan at 1st People need to STOP! I really wanted to blog about the Ravens, and how their camp is going.  However… I can’t.  People in this town have gone out of their freakin’ minds.

OK, in Nolan’s 3rd game at Norfolk, they played him at 1st Base.  And then according to the Orioles blogosphere, the SEA’S parted. To paraphrase, “with one month at 1st base, and a Fred McGriff video, Nolan will come up and be our 1st Baseman of the future” We have all read this and to me, and hopefully you, you know how crazy this is.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, we say Nolan is going to play 1st base for a month and come back up to the big leagues as a 1st baseman. (Let’s not forget, the Orioles have plenty of positions for Nolan to play.  He was demoted because he was hitting below .200). Then how do you explain what happened on May 17th?  In Nolan’s 4th game in Norfolk, the Orioles Organization had Nolan play LEFT FIELD!

Let me start a fake apologist rant here.  Ready, here we go…. Playing left field was a brilliant idea.  While Nolan learns how to play 1st base, he can’t be allowed to forget how to play left field.  By playing both positions, he will add even MORE value to the big league club.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  He will come back up, still in a month, to play 1st base.  But while learning how to play 1st base, in ONE MONTH… he will play half his games in left field, so he doesn’t forget how to play that position.  I love the foresight of this plan.

Give me a second, I have to go throw up now.  That is harder to type than you would think…..

Ok, I’m back.  We all need to understand what I am going to write now, and accept it as the truth, people.  This has all the appearance of DESPERATION, both on the Orioles and the Oriole bloggers.