Not a “Lowe” blow…unfortunately.

October 30, 2008 | Drew Forrester

My bird in a tree at OPACY (the same one who furnished me the breaking uniform news yesterday…thanks again for that) tells me the Orioles will NOT pursue free agent pitcher Derek Lowe this off-season.

The reason?

You sittin’ down?

“Andy (MacPhail) thinks he’s too old.  He doesn’t want guys who can only help us win for a couple of years.  He wants to win long-term.”

Too old…hmmmmm, OK.  Lowe’s 35 years old.  At age 35 this past season, he pitched 211 innings (not bad for an old guy), he compiled a 14-11 record and had an e.r.a. of 3.24 when the league average was 4.25.  I don’t know how he pitched that well wearing false teeth and slippers.  In 4 years in Los Angeles, his HIGHEST e.r.a. was 3.88 and his LOWEST amount of innings pitched was 199.  Three out of four years in L.A., he threw for more than 200 innings.  Wonder when Brian Burres, Brian Bass or Garrett Olson will do that here?  In combination, that is.

I’m glad we can’t use THAT guy, aren’t you?

“We don’t want guys who can only help us win for a couple of years.”

Yeah, we’ve had so much success here in Baltimore recently.  I can understand why we wouldn’t want to bring a guy to help us win for a “couple of years”.

Speaking of old — anyone know about Jamie Moyer of the Phillies?  The guy who pitched for the championship team and was a stud in Game 3 last weekend?  The pitcher who won 16 games this season.

Ummm, he’s 45.  Not 35.  45.  Years old.

So if Lowe is too old at 35, I assume Mike Mussina is too old at 39, right?  Wait, didn’t Mussina win 20 games this year?  Or was that his younger brother, Mark?  It was Mike?  At 39?  Can’t be. 

Funny, Pat Gillick didn’t have a problem winning with an old guy, huh?

Someone e-mailed me today and said, “saying Lowe is too old is actually code word for NOT WANTING TO PAY THE GUY”…

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

God forbid we actually bring in a quality pitcher and be forced to pay him big money to help us win for a couple of years.

Let’s see what happens next month when free agency begins.  Maybe my source has it all wrong.  Maybe the O’s WILL sign Derek Lowe. 

I doubt it, though.

We haven’t played a meaningful game in September in Baltimore since 1997.  If the O’s are going to pass on quality players under the theme of “we don’t want guys who can only help us win for a couple of years”, I doubt we’ll see meaningful games here next September either.

That’s not a “Lowe” blow either…it’s just a fact.