Not so fast, Brady

June 04, 2009 | Peter Dilutis

Recently, Brady Anderson has come to the defense of Peter Angelos, claiming that he should not be blamed for all of the O’s troubles during their decade-plus streak of losing. How does 99.99999% sound?

Anderson points out that Davey Johnson resigned, wasn’t fired. Funny that Davey doesn’t see it that way.

Brady also fails to point out anything that has happened since 1997, prior to the Andy MacPhail era. No mention of John Miller. No mention of placing the franchise in the hands of senile Syd Thrift. No mention of the  2 headed GM’s of 2003-2007.

Brady argues that Angelos, as the owner, has the right to meddle and interfere. Sure, he has that right. But is it in his best interest, and the best interest of the team?

Does an owner of a high-scale restaurant, who inherited the business and has no prior history working with food, go down and tell the cook what ingredients to use on a Friday night? Of course not. Angelos is not a baseball man, and therefore, should not be making important baseball decisions.

Let’s look at the NFL. Jerry Jones has proven himself to be a very knowledgable and savy football man. There is no doubt that as the owner and GM of the Cowboys, Jones has involved himself very much in all aspects of Cowboys football. Over the course of Jones’ ownership, the Cowboys have been one of the top NFL franchises, all things considered.

Now let’s look at Oakland. With apologies to Al Davis, he seems to be losing his mind, and that is not disputed by many followers of the Raiders. Yet he continues to interfere and try to make football decisions, such as who to sign, and who to draft. ( who was that second round pick again, Al? )

Look at the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys…and take note which of the 2 very hands-on owners have been more successful leading their franchises.

This is no different in baseball. Angelos is a great man, he loves Baltimore and loves the citizens of Baltimore. But he is a lawyer, not a baseball man. He needs to let his baseball men do the job, and for the better part of a decade, he did not do that. If he didn’t trust Syd Thrift, Jim Beattie, Mike Flanagan, and Jim Duquette, he should have hired someone who he did.

Apparently, he has done that with Andy MacPhail. No surprise to me, at least, that with Angelos out of the picture as far as baseball decisions, that the O’s are now in a position to dominate for the next 5-10 years. Will they dominate long enough to offset the disaster that was the past 11 seasons here in Birdland, under the hands-on ownership of Angelos? That remains to be seen.